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Need help on writing

High school student here not yet sure about their major. I'm not sure if I want to go a major in writing, but I sometimes do like writing random things. And it's really fun just getting ideas out of your head and on to paper. And so I wondered what do I do with those writings? Can I upload them online for people to see and maybe get some profit out of it? And I was wondering if anyone knew how to find editors who can read my writing and basically help me become a better writer? writing editing

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4 answers

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Susan E.’s Answer

Hey Great question,
Sometimes you don't know if you want to major in writing until you try. That's why I suggest taking some basic writing courses at the beginning of your college career to see if you like them or not. If you want to get your writings exposed or posted anywhere, create your own blog or join an online writing community. As far as publishing and editors are concerned, that will take a long time to do. I'd start by seeing IF writing is something you really want to do in the future.

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Diego’s Answer

Hi Wooju, good luck on your writing. It's great you have a passion to follow, but be aware that most artistic endeavors are long, uphill careers. Not many musicians/artists/writers make it in their field. You may want to consider a double major in your college, with another more "monetizable" skill, as a backup. Say you study some economics or engineering. That may also open the doors to work for some specialized magazines.

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Stefania’s Answer

Hi Wooju,

Writing is a beautiful passion to have regardless of whether you decide to pursue it as a career. However, it's also an incredibly competitive field with many avenues (are you thinking of becoming an editor? A novelist? A journalist? Short copy? Long copy? Academic writing?) Lots to consider. I would first consider starting your own blog in order to first, get a feel for what it would be like to make a regular/frequent commitment to writing and to develop a writing style/tone that is your own and two, sharing/exposing your writing. It would also help you determine whether it's something you truly love doing before you dedicate your coursework/career to this. I would also check with your school to see if they have a publishing arm (sometimes schools publish "newspapers" or have ways where you can contribute to the school media), which would be a great way to contribute and to get exposure. As far as skill set, there are many continuing education programs offered by the local community colleges. They are not terribly expensive and always have writing courses. Also check with your English teachers to see if they have low-cost resources that would enhance your writing skills.

Good luck to you,

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Bobby’s Answer

Writing a hard career, my dude. You gotta be ready to get kicked in the teeth on a regular occasion. There's a lot of rejection and the willingness to work past this initial rejection to get good.

It's awesome once you can make money doing it, but trust - it ain't easy. You gotta love it.