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Helana F. May 16, 2016 760 views

What does it take to become a travel writer?

I am wondering how to become a successful travel writer. Are there any tips? #writing #travel

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Helana F. May 16, 2016 841 views

How do I connect with book publishers?

I am an aspiring author looking for publishers, editors, and agents for my upcoming books and I would love to know how to get connected and into the publishing world. #writing #author #publishing

Maria D.’s Avatar
Maria D. Mar 08, 2017 948 views

How can I become a writer with out being afraid?

I am currently a sophomore in high school and I wanna publish a manuscript but I am afraid of what will happen Can you guys give me any advice? #writing #author #books

Wooju Y.’s Avatar
Wooju Y. Jul 05, 2016 737 views

Need help on writing

High school student here not yet sure about their major. I'm not sure if I want to go a major in writing, but I sometimes do like writing random things. And it's really fun just getting ideas out of your head and on to paper. And so I wondered what do I do with those writings? Can I upload them...

Santiago Z.’s Avatar
Santiago Z. Oct 22, 2015 858 views

Is it harder to get a book published depending on what type of book you want to publish.

Hello I am a 6th grader and I am interested in a writing career. If I were to want to publish a children book would that be easier to publish than a book meant for older audiences? #writing #books #publish

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Maria D. Mar 08, 2017 618 views
jane J.’s Avatar
jane J. May 17, 2017 703 views

I totally dislike my major, what should i do?

I hate everything about my college. I was really try to love my major, yet i can not get an idea of changing school out of my brain. It keeps appear in every single day. Once i though of my study, i totally got headache and my head was about to break. I only need 5 more terms to finish advance...

Eris D.’s Avatar
Eris D. May 01, 2017 827 views

What classes should I take in college if I want to be an author?

I'm not exactly sure what classes I have to take to get that career.

Eris D.’s Avatar
Eris D. May 08, 2017 699 views

How would I get a book published?

Are there any publishing companies that are often open to hiring new authors? #writing #author #writer #write

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Josephine C. May 16, 2017 805 views

How do you get to work at Google or any other major companies?

I'm very curious and hope it's as nice as it seems. Also, how much would they pay? #tech #google #career-details #financial-planning