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Do colleges scout with covid?

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2 answers

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Anthony’s Answer

Hello AVA,

I’m not sure what sport you’re referring to, but it doesn’t matter - yes colleges are recruiting as heavily as ever. There is very limited in-person scouting/recruiting since the start of the pandemic, but colleges are relying more on digital/online recruiting. This includes Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms in which they administer themselves to contact potential recruits. And schools are also using online recruiting services a lot more during the pandemic because of the ease of looking at a lot of players without having to travel. A lot of smaller schools are also looking at athlete’s self-published YouTube videos during the pandemic. Some potential college athletes are taking matters in their own hands by making their own highlight videos and sending them directly to schools that they’d like to attend - usually an assistant coach. The COVID-19 pandemic has somewhat reversed the traditional roles of (scout and athlete) because a lot of good players haven’t played since 2019 - forcing athletes to impress scouts with game film of the last time they played.

Hope this helped,
Anthony Big”A” Richardson

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Edwin’s Answer

Hello Ava,

In terms of sports recruitment, I'm personally not sure if they are scouting athletes.

However certain colleges do hold career fairs welcoming events to the general public. I would recommend checking out the University's official website or maybe their social media like their Facebook or Instagram. And also reaching out to alumni, that really helped me out to choose my school!