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How can I have a successful career in Sports Marketing if i am an accounting major?

The reason why is because i have found an interest in Sports Marketing after taking a course but i am a senior in the accounting program and i have already made a decision to switch careers. Unfortunately at this point i cannot switch majors so i am wondering if there is an avenue to get into the narrow door of the sports industry? #sports-marketing #accounting

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3 answers

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Michael’s Answer

A large part of starting out in any industry is having contacts who can help you. This is true whether you are looking for something in your focus area, or outside of it, as in your case.

Try joining marketing student organizations or clubs on campus. Get to know people there, and get involved in as many activities as you can. If they have guest speakers, take the time to talk one-on-one with them, if possible. Ask your friends or classmates in marketing programs if they might be able to set up a conversation with someone in a marketing or sports marketing industry.

Take a class, if it's not too late to enroll (I'm not sure if you're in your last semester). Research marketing on your own. Understanding the terms and concepts involved will allow you to "speak the language", which will help you when you talk to these various people.

If you are leaving school, try joining local professional organizations or just looking for relevant groups on sites like meetup.com.

Search for job postings that sound interesting, and note which skills they require. Make an honest comparison with your own skills to see what you are missing. Make sure your resume accurately reflects the relevant skills that you do have.

Apply for jobs. And don't stop building that marketing network.

Michael recommends the following next steps:

Find three marketing organizations or clubs, and go to their next events.
Read a textbook or book about marketing.
Update your resume to make sure it lists all the skills you need for marketing jobs.
Set up three conversations with people working in marketing or sports marketing jobs, and come with a list of questions about the industry.

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Kandice’s Answer

Hi Brandon. Sports Management was my second major and I had some experience in this area right out of college.

I would say the accounting degree is going to do you better than a sports marketing degree and you'll still be able to get into the sport industry. As an undergraduate student in the sports management program at my university, I got involved with the Sport Management Student Association (SMSA). We had students from all sorts of majors in this club, including accounting. If similar clubs are not available to you at your university, try to find any sort of sport work or volunteer experience elsewhere. While I was a student we had a professor who really emphasized the importance of internships during your college career to get into the sports industry. Side note, unfortunately many sports internships are unpaid, but if you are able to, try to get ahold of one. See if there are sports internships or even just volunteer events at your school. Chances are your college has an internal sports marketing department and could have internship or volunteer positions for students. I held several sports marketing-related internships and worked with people who were studying sports management, kinesiology, business, etc. Go to career fairs and try to find local job fairs where sports professionals are attending. Don't worry about changing your major this late in the game. Go out there and get the experience and try to make those contacts. Like the previous poster said, if you're able to take another sports class, take advantage of that opportunity.

teamworkonline.com - great resource for sports internships and jobs across the nation

NCAA Market - another great online resource for careers particularly in collegiate sports

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Enri’s Answer

Hey Brandon,

Having an accounting degree would help you in most fields you try to apply yourself to. By this I mean that it's not the actual topics that you're learning about that will help you in any other field; it's the ability to look at a question and think about it in a different way. The analytical skills that you will get by studying accounting in college, are way more valuable than the accounting guidance you will learn. YOu can apply these analytical skills in every walk of life. Also, if Sports Marketing doesn't pan out with you, accounting is a great field to have as a back up if making money interests you.