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what would being a real estate agent look like?

I want to pursue a future in fixing houses and selling entrepreneurship real-estate

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3 answers

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John’s Answer

Joshua real estate agents sometimes have to travel and often work nights, holidays, and weekends. Competition is common among local real estate agents. State licensure, job training, and a minimum of a high school education are required to become a real estate agent, though college coursework may expand an agent's career opportunities. These professionals must have strong interpersonal skills, strong persuasion and communication skills, knowledge of state real estate laws, and proficiency in basic computer functions. Real estate agents use their knowledge of local areas and real estate laws to sell homes or properties that best fit the needs and budgets of their clients. Working under a real estate broker, real estate agents earn a portion of the sales commission from selling a property. Associate's and bachelor's degree programs are available in real estate and can help an aspiring real estate agent stand out to potential employers. These education programs prepare students for licensure by teaching aspiring agents how to successfully complete real estate transactions, promote properties, and identify construction techniques and materials. Real estate sales agents will find employment opportunities with real estate brokers. These professionals work to show and sell properties to potential buyers. Commonly working in residential property, real estate agents are responsible for dealing with the complex details of buying and selling property. Every state has its own requirements for the Real Estate licensure exam and application process. You will need to do a little bit of research to find out more about the specific fees for the exam and the application in your state. Some states even allow a temporary license so you can begin working while you wait for your official license. However, every state does require you to find and work alongside a qualified, licensed Real Estate broker when you first begin working as a Real Estate Agent.

Good Luck Joshua
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Victor’s Answer

Hello Joshua!
Being a real estate agent is great, profitable, and also time consuming. You have to understand what your clients need, and what their problems are. As a real estate agent, you are a problem solver. You have to understand real estate terms, conditions, and government policies. You also need to understand various building types and function, to be able to suggest to clients the best possible solution to their housing needs. Wish you success in your career path!
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Tristen’s Answer

Start small with a 1 bedroom condo fixer. Try to save 20% down. Also being in a neighborhood where you can do short term rentals is a plus. Areas where there is a resort, tourism, or close to a body of water is another bonus.