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In the business world what are some ways to market your product to possible investors and to the general public .

I am a junior in high school and i would want to know that if i was going to launch a product how do i get as many investors interested in my product. But i would also want consumers to also be interested in my product as well. I am very interested in this field and marketing can be tricky. Thank you for any guidance. #marketing #social-media #business career

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4 answers

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Glenn’s Answer

Felicia, any investor will not only want to see that you have a potential product that is interesting, but will also want/need to see some level of business modeling to back it up so they can reasonably expect to make a return on their investment. The higher the risk, the more challenge you will have convincing them to give you their money. Before you even think of putting your ideas in front of potential investors, here are a few things you should consider:
1. is there a realistic market for the product (why would someone buy it? how much would they buy? who would buy it? how much would someone be willing to pay for the product (if the cost to produce is more than someone would pay, that might be a good indicator to rework the idea)
2. what effort would need to go into producing the product? can you design and manufacture it yourself or would you need to work with engineers and production facilities?
3. how would the product get distributed to the market? how do you get the product to people that want to buy it? how do people find out about the product (advertising/marketing)?
4. what is the business model for different potential sales quantities? how much money goes out to produce the money coming in from sales? what would be the investors (and yours) return on investment over time?
5. what is the competitive environment? is the product unique? can a less expensive product substitute for this new one?

When you have answers to all these, then you put it together in presentation and -- very important -- into an elevator pitch that can get an investor interested in just a few minutes of you talking.

Good luck!

Thank you I appreciate your guidance felicia M.

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Ella’s Answer

You could find someone in your community that is a marketing or business major at college and see if they would be interested in doing work for you as an unpaid internship or paid internship. This would give them some real-world marketing experience, especially if they are early-on in their academic career and are eager for some experience to add to their resume.

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Rob’s Answer

There are a lot of good answers here, but I would also suggest you get plugged in with the local entrepreneurial groups which may offer areas and exposure for your product or solution. Often times there will be different events or venues where you can pitch your products in front of potential investors. I would suggest checking those out in your area.

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Simeon’s Answer

First, to get investors interested in your product, you first have to have tangible proof that your product will succeed. Sometimes this is done with a business plan and showing your prior experience, but if you are doing this on your own, I would recommend actually starting to build a client list ahead of time. The business needs to succeed on a small scale to prove that it will be viable and return money on investment if it is to receive cash. Online marketing tends to be safer because most websites will give you feedback about how well the marketing is going. Creating a community online is also an option, but it can be slow going for a while as you get a social media presence going and get people watching, commenting, and engaging with each other.