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What are the tried and tested, best social media tools to use in the industry ?

I'm new to social media marketing and I would like to know how I could optimize my social media to drive growth business marketing social-media sales

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8 answers

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Morgan’s Answer

Agree here with the LinkedIn direction. Its by far the best for networking and company information. Facebook pages is good for businesses, but a lot of smaller firms forget to update their feeds after a few weeks. Review the LinkedIn Pulse and follow the companies you are interested in approaching. Add your class mates, teachers etc, but remember to always be professional on social media pages as the internet never forgets and a number of bad or inappropriate comments in social media can come back to bite in an interview.

For your linked in profile, include a summary and direction you want to take your career. Include a professional looking profile photo (1st impressions count) and be very honest in there. Potential employers will do a lot of confirmations before hiring.

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Lisa’s Answer

As a sales professional my go to is always LinkedIn for business resources and contacts. Within LinkedIn you can search by company, industry, title, name, geographic location and so much more. For example, I know a particular company I'd like to do business with but don't know who to reach out to. By using LinkedIn I can search ABC Company, finance for example. This will provide any contact within the company that has the word finance in their title. I then send them a connection request and if they connect, I thank them and ask for a few minutes to meet them virtually. I'm fortunate to have a very positive response rate on the first request to connect and almost always get a few minutes of my new connection's time to determine if we have a need to move forward.

Even if you're not selling this is a great resource to learn about someone that you have met, read about, seen referenced somewhere. A simple "I saw that you're involved in ......" and would like to connect goes a long way.

Be sure to set up your LinkedIn profile to describe what you do, who you'd like to meet, your interests, your experience - all of this is searchable and valuable to others who may also be looking for you!

As mentioned in the answer above, this is a really broad question....hopefully this narrow answer tailored to sales and relationship building will help! Best of luck to you.

Thanks! I never really thought about LinkedIn but your advice makes a lot of sense! Alisha S.

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Bill’s Answer

As a sales professional, I use LinkedIn.
LinkedIn is well respected and business contacts are key. Information is usually up to date because a professional will make sure they're up to date.
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Vandana’s Answer

Here is a list of social media tools that I use or ones that have been recommend to me. :) - MY fav!!! - Online Photo Editor

I know it is a huge list! So bookmark them and check them out when you're free!

Love the list! Thank you! Alisha S.

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Adam’s Answer

Hi -- depending on what you are trying to accomplish and what your targets are, these are the tools I have found useful:
LinkedIn for professional contacts, relationships, and possible referrals
Constant Contact -- used this when I worked for a small business in order to send out promotions, company updates, and generally stay in contact with our clients. We also used Facebook ads to promote services/goods.
Instagram -- depending on your business, this is an excellent tool for engagement. My sis in law uses this with her small business and it has driven a ton of sales!
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Cynthia’s Answer

For business purposes, LinkedIn is the most professional. Twitter is good too for quick updates. Another option is to research social media tools or blogs specific to your target industry or customer.

Thank you! Alisha S.

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Anthony-Michael’s Answer

Hello. So, this is a very good but broad question. Your social media plan and campaigns always must be related to where your projects audience is most. Example being: if you are marketing to a youthful market, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest are your immediate go-to's... But if it's a more mature audience with a broader spending habit - you might be focusing on Facebook, LinkedIN and Pinterest!

I've found that Pinterest and Instagram are common denominators. Weigh out whether you're trying to monotize your audience or are you just enticing the traffic to get them interested in your brand.

Read lots of opinions. LinkedIn Influencers are a great source of knowledge. Stay nimble and ready to change you tactics -- but remember this... Marketing isn't brain surgery - meaning no one is gonna die if the tactic isn't perfect. So have fun with your campaigns. They represent the enjoyment you want your audience to get from them.

I hope this helped some

Thank you! This was a really great answer! Alisha S.

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Lilian’s Answer

For professionals, I would recommend LinkedIn.