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How to become an IT engineer?


Hi STA, I updated your question to add clarity. Please feel free to edit if it was interpreted incorrectly! Gurpreet Lally

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4 answers

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Nicholas’s Answer

Hi! Information Engineering is a really great field to go into! If you are interested in this field you may want to look more into the topics of Computer Security, Networking, and Supply Chains. Usually Information Engineering Degrees have some overlap with business, since most businesses rely on Information Engineering to run well! You could also look into certifications like COMPTIA++, CCENT, and CCNA certifications!

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Jeremy’s Answer


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John’s Answer

STA while some positions may only require an associate's degree, a bachelor's degree is generally required to begin a career as an IT engineer. While some colleges and universities may offer a bachelor's degree in IT engineering, many IT engineers major in fields like computer science, mathematics, information technology, computer engineering or information sciences. No matter the field studied, undergraduate students should make sure to take courses in communication technologies, software engineering, computer programming, computer networking fundamentals and technical writing. IT engineers typically work in an office or research lab. They may travel throughout an office complex or to meet with various clients. Those who work for a corporation or other large organization may travel more frequently to visit with employees at remote offices.

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John recommends the following next steps:

Consider also obtaining certification. Though certification is not required to enter this profession, it may help demonstrate skill and experience to employers. Additionally, employers often require IT engineers to have expertise with specific products. Vendors like Cisco, Oracle and Microsoft offer certification in their software products. Third-party organizations, like CompTIA, also administer certification for multiple vendors. Certification prerequisites and requirements vary by organization, though certification is usually awarded upon successful passage of an exam.

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Vince’s Answer


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