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Can I be a gymnast and a YouTuber at the same time?

My hobbies are crafting and gymnastics and I know that I can craft while I have a YouTube account but I am not so sure about gymnastics.
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If you really want to do them both, Maybe change the question to how can I do gymnastics and Youtuber at the same time? How do I manage time and what can be done to maximize the productivity such as a daily routine for work and break-time? I would suggest to find the solution as the limitation may only exist in our mind and that what keeps us from growing. You think you can do both, find a way! T Pham
Thanks, sorry I didn't see these till now, these are going to help a LOT! Elise J.
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4 answers

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Simeon’s Answer

Anyone can launch into YouTubing as a successful career, but ironically, that is also the biggest challenge. You have to come up with a unique identity as a Youtuber that will make you stick out from all the other people wanting to succeed out there. You may want to the define what level of success you are looking to achieve on Youtube. If you are wanting to financially depend on Youtube, you will usually have to network with other Youtubers, do events for your followers, and develop a community of people talking to each other and with you between videos. You will have to come up with content that is exclusive for your inner circle of followers as well. It is intensive work and the more successful you are, the more work you will have to put into video editing and community management to go up to the next tier of successfulness. Additionally, you would have to get enough followers willing to support you on Patreon to have a steady income from Youtube.

That being said, the larger challenge would actually be time management. Being a full time Youtuber and doing gymnastics means you will be constantly busy. Are you ok with essentially working all day every day to make both goals attainable or would you prefer to have more time for rest and relaxation? Keeping up a busy schedule is energizing and exciting at first, but can become a massive drag once you've been doing so for several months straight.
I will have to think about this but I think I might be able to do it... maybe. Elise J.
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Jason’s Answer

Hi Elise,

The short answer is yes you can. That said, both of these areas require a great deal of time and dedication to be successful. I know two professional YouTubers in the local area and am amazed at how much time and thought goes into the production of each YouTube post. It really is a full time job for these people. Gymnastics of course has its own challenges as only the upper echelon of participates even make a career out of it. Having multiple interests and hobbies is a great thing, But be aware that turning an interest into a profession takes a great deal of time and commitment.

Good Luck!
Thanks for helping out! Elise J.
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Addie’s Answer

Yes you can do both. Remember if you decide to become a content creator on You Tube many people will see and view your videos. Be prepared for this and what it could bring such as some or a great loss of privacy. You also may be judged by something you said even if you did not mean to cause any emotional response by it. There still are ways to work around some issues of being on You Tube like choosing to be a faceless video creator. Just continue to stay focused on your goals in the long run.
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Anthony’s Answer

Hey Elise,

Absolutely! You can do anything you put your mind to. Everyone is starting YouTube pages and generating a following. You can record and post videos of yourself doing gymnastics at a gym, a studio, etc.

It is not hard at all, just get someone to film you and you got it made.

Be thinking about what content you want to put in each video - tutorials, full routines, arts and crafts.

It is all on you.

Hope that helps.
Thanks this will help. Elise J.