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What are some things you wished you did back in college?

What I'm wondering is, do you regret not joining more clubs or taking certain classes you were curious about taking or just overall spending more time on campus to see what else the campus offered the students? #college #college-life

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5 answers

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Imane’s Answer

You are absolutely right.
Try to profit the maximum possible from your time in colleage. once you will integrate the corporate world, things will not be the same anymore. You should beneift from clubs, activities, friends, the library.. etc. I regret the fact that I was not an active student ( well not enough ;) ) while I had all the possibilities to do that in colleage :)

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Amrinder’s Answer

You should enjoy the time you spend in college, Just have lots of fun learning. Do not make things serious, make it fun learning, and enjoy in the company of your friends as much as you can, if you do not have great friends, make yourself fun loving person and just relax, do not let anyone be superior to you, keep them at your level and just enjoy your time.
Once you are in some organization you will miss the fun time spent with your friends and dear ones, Always ensure you do not keep any regrets, if you think there is something you might regret just work on that part as a learning and Never keep any regret.

Great advice Amrinder. That's one thing I've started to learn while in college. While yes, you should focus on your studies, you should still try to have fun with it in some way. It doesn't always have to be boring. Amanda V.

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Biju’s Answer

Get idea about your core strength and take-up course that suits your strength.
Talk to people who share similar strength/passion and try to understand opportunities in your interested area.
Read current affairs and get updated on what are the developing areas

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Christopher’s Answer

In college there are so many opportunities that it really can be difficult to find the right balance between having fun and also being a successful, productive student. Between clubs, events, classes, socializing, and maybe even having a part-time job, it really becomes necessary to budget your time wisely. If you find yourself curious about a class that doesn't necessarily fit into your academic planning, take it anyway. You never know how you'll discover your passion and learning more about a subject which sparks your curiosity could pay off big time in the future, even if it seems to cost you extra time and money in the present.

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Amanda!

The one thing that I would do over, if I could, would be to pay attention to my feelings about my intended career area of interest.

I was so propelled by inappropriate feelings about the necessity of completing college rapidly, that I ignored feelings of discomfort that I had about my intended major. After I got into my first job, I found that the feelings were an indication of my discomfort on the job which I began to experience almost immediately.

If i had done more networking and paid more attention to my feelings, I might have been better able to end up in a more appropriate and comfortable career area.

Networking and paying attention to your feelings about your intended career area are very important things that you want to do.

Learn who you are and be yourself.

Excellent advice Ken! I do feel as though college students such as myself, do feel as though we should only focus on finishing classes and getting good grades rather than on ourselves. We should really remember that we must also take care of ourselves as well, whether that be mentally, physically, or emotionally. Because really, no one else is going to do it for us. Thank you for your feedback! Amanda V.

You are welcome. continue to take care of yourself. Please keep me posted. I would like to follow your progress! Ken Simmons

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