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Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon May 30, 2017 1366 views

How do you focus and manage your time wisely?

It's very hard to focus, even though it's quiet. I easily get bored. It's also hard to manage your time. I always procrastinate. #studying-tips #focusing #procrastination

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Aug 07, 2016 1733 views

Should I choose the job I love or the job that makes me money?

Looking back at my 16 years of life, I would have never thought I would have to choose between doing what I love and making money. As a little girl, I always dreamed of being a teacher. I looked up to the agents of change at my school and appreciated all of the things they do for me and the...

Albert’s Avatar
Albert Feb 04, 2017 1357 views

What do you wear to an interview?

I have a few interviews coming up in the following two weeks, and I'm not entirely sure what I should wear to it. I was planning on wearing dress shirt, a tie, khakis, and dress shoes, but I'm afraid it might be too informal. I'm not sure if I will be afford a suit or where I would be able to...

IAmGrootNotDuck’s Avatar
IAmGrootNotDuck May 01, 2017 1446 views

How do i find my career?

I am interested in a lot of things i really like art and games and making things. I also love sports, my favorite being basketball, but it is hard to look to a career, so I would love any feedback for my career #graphic-design #basketball #game-development

amber’s Avatar
amber May 30, 2017 1202 views

How do I narrow down my decision of what I want to be in the future?

I'm a junior in high school and I don't know what career path I would want to pursue when I'm older, and that scares me. I feel like I would enjoy doing something maybe in dentistry and also I would like to help people. I also am interested in business, and I would like to get more insight on...

Mike’s Avatar
Mike Jun 01, 2017 2518 views

How should I figure out my major?

I've never known what I wanted to do or pursue career wise. I took psychology and sociology in my first year and a half at college, and I liked them, but I don't know what exactly I want to major in. I wouldn't mind studying more into sociology but I also want a career with a pretty decent...

Norma’s Avatar
Norma Mar 14, 2014 1985 views

How long did it take you to find your dream career?

Did you know at very young age what you wanted to do, or did you realize after college?? #career-paths

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Oct 19, 2016 1222 views

How can you find real-life applications for your major?

I would love to know if there are databases or websites that show specific careers and job opportunities specific to your major. #career-counseling #career-choice #career-paths #careers #career-development

Clara’s Avatar
Clara May 17, 2016 1147 views

How do you know that the career field you want to go into is the "one"?

While growing I've wanted so many different jobs and I was wondering if there was a specific key to knowing whether or not the career you want is the one you should go into. #career

DeMarcus’s Avatar
DeMarcus Oct 22, 2016 1401 views

Does your overall career choice satisfy your personal goals in life?

Hi my name is DeMarcus and I am a rising college freshman hoping to attend either Old Dominion or Radford University. My pursued major of choice is Information Technology. Reasons for my pursuit is because of my love for computer technology and helping people in the same manner. Technology will...

Lavanya’s Avatar
Lavanya Jun 28, 2016 1528 views

How do I find my career passion?

for my career #teaching

Courtney’s Avatar
Courtney May 10, 2016 1617 views

What advice would you offer to someone who isn't exactly 100% sure what type of career they want to pursue?

I know some interests I have, and possible careers I may be interested in, but I'm not quite sure how to decide or figure out which path is the right one for me. #career #career-path #career-paths #undecided #career-plan

Eileen’s Avatar
Eileen May 17, 2016 1324 views

Why do you love your career?

What motivates you to work in your career field, and how did you come to love it? #career #career-choice #job #career-path #career-paths

Saima’s Avatar
Saima Jun 20, 2016 1105 views

Do i have to be in the Business School to go into business?

Want to know idea #any

Mitchell’s Avatar
Mitchell Sep 19, 2016 1535 views

What is the proper way to dress for an interview?

I have had quite a few interviews in the past where I always wore a nice polo collard shirt, dress pants, and dress shoes. It was never anything different. However, now that I am graduating and taking on a "real professional" interview I guess we should say, do I need to change up my attire? Do...