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amy B. May 13, 2016 708 views
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Amy Z. Jun 18, 2016 611 views

Would it be better to apply to a college with a business or a premedical interest?

I know it is possible to switch majors, so is one of these options more desirable to a college in an applicant? #college #college-major #college-admissions...


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Tiffanie L. Jul 15, 2016 581 views

Are there stereotypes towards different majors/jobs? If yes, What are those stereotypes?

It seems like in college there are bias that fields lie science, accounting.. and so and much harder than other fields. #majors #field...


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Amanda V. Jul 19, 2016 687 views

What are some things you wished you did back in college?

What I'm wondering is, do you regret not joining more clubs or taking certain classes you were curious about taking or just overall spending more time on campus to see what else the campus offered the students? #college...


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Hollie C. Jul 31, 2016 582 views

What should I do if I discover that my college major is not something that I truly like after upon graduation?

I heard quite a few people saying that their majors are actually not what they want or like after graduation, and that this scared them since they have put some much money, time, and effort in college life. I wonder how should one cope with such situation? #college-major #career-path...

#academic-advising #college-advising

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Christina W. Aug 10, 2016 661 views

How do you decide which major to take up in college?

Right now, I'm a junior in high school and of course thinking about colleges, where to apply, and how to stand from my competiton. But my main concern is what I should major in. There are so many courses that sound super interesting to me like anthropology, Spanish, business, etc., but it's so...

#college-major #college