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Is where you choose to do your practicum extremely important, or is taking the first available spot equally beneficial?

Asked Wauchula, Florida

I am earning my Bachelors of Science in Education and will soon need to begin my practicum. I have been given the TEACH grant which needs to be repaid through employment at a Title I school. Would it benefit me to attempt to secure a practicum spot at the place I hope to teach once my certifications are complete or would experience elsewhere be more beneficial?

I appreciate your insight.
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Racheal’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Sandra, I absolutely believe that being an active teacher in the area is very helpful. As you enter teaching, it is important to be aware of the settings you may be placed in and find a place you may be more comfortable. As well as personal choices, completing your practicum at a place you would like to work will help you make connections with staff who may be helpful with you gaining employment post-graduation. Good luck!