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After majoring in Psychology, what jobs are available to me?

I want to major in Psychology, but I'm not sure what careers follow this path #psychology

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2 answers

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shashidhara’s Answer

Hi Quinton...

These are some of the job options available after majoring in Psychology...

Psychotherapy or Counseling
Social or Community Service Management
Human Resources
Training and Development
Post-secondary Administration/Student Affairs

Thanks for the info Quinton Q.

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Linda Ann’s Answer

Good afternoon! In the USA, one cannot conduct psychotherapy with a B.A. or B.S. in psychology. I suggest that you go the American Psychological Association's website (www.apa.org) and go toe the June 2016 edition of the APA Monitor (you don't need to be a member of APA to look at the online version of the APA Monitor. Page 12 of that edition shows a percentage breakdown of graduates and the type of work they are actually doing (based on recent data surveys). There's a pie chart that provides the breakdown. Example, 17 percent in professional services, 19 % in research, 20 percent sales, 11 percent teaching, Check it out!! Good luck with your career.