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What do you do and how much money do you make from what you do.

I am an athlete, I play football, and basketball and I enjoy being with my friends. professionals

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2 answers

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Edwin’s Answer

Hello Jesse,

I am a college transfer student in the Communication Field. At the moment I do not make much from my part-time job.

If your interested in the differences between majors and their salary I would recommend to Google different websites. Such as which is a link and tells you different career paths with a major and their expected salary.
Ultimately, I think you should study and pursue a career that makes you happy. Perhaps you can study sports management, business, (you can study these majors or feel free to choose some other major.)

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Simeon’s Answer

I work in IT audit for a large accounting firm. People in my industry often start out making almost sixty thousand a year and make their way up from there. There's a lot of upward mobility in our industry as well, so the wage can grow well from there depending on how quickly you move up.