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How to engage more audiences on Linkedin?

To all professionals reading this post, thank you for your precious time! I hope all is well on your end! :)


I like to use Linkedin to look for jobs and connect with like-minded people.
However, my posts don't usually generate a lot of views.
I don't know how LinkedIn algorithm works behind the scene, but I believe there must be some tricks people use to generate traffic (hashtags or tagging influencers)

1. What are some other useful tips to engage more audiences (or even recruiters) on Linkedin?
2. How to become a content creator ? (some people post about their job searching experience and received over 1k likes & dozens of comments?! jaw-dropping)


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10 answers

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Lisa’s Answer

Cindy - These are great questions, and I’m glad to hear that you are so into LinkedIn overall because it is such a powerful platform. My first piece of advice is to set small goals that lead up to your overarching goal of becoming a content creator. For example, say that by the end of next month, you want to be averaging 10-15 comments per post. That way in a year from now, if you keep aiming for 5-10 additional comments per month, your engagement will have increased dramatically! Setting these smaller goals is helpful in keeping your momentum going over time.

In terms of how to gain those additional interactions with your posts, there are a lot of different options. Here are a few that I have found helpful:

Start by expanding your connections. I have noticed that in general, the more LinkedIn connections I have, the more interactions I get on my posts. I think this is at least partly because more people I know are seeing my content and feeling compelled to reply. Now keep in mind that this is only helpful to an extent - you don’t need to have 1,000 connections for this to be true. In fact, LinkedIn recommends having between 30-200 as a nice sweet spot to start with.

Create a content schedule. I have heard from lots of people that consistency is helpful when approaching content creation. For example, decide that you are going to post three times a week on M, W, and F evenings. Then stick to that! If you post too frequently, one of your posts might wipe out another, but if you don’t post enough, your posts might get lost. I find that a few times a week is a nice schedule.

Create a mix of posts incorporating both original content as well as your input on what other people have written or shared. Research shows that LinkedIn users are interested in both, and both are good conversation starters. A side benefit of sharing or reposting things from others is that the more they see you engaging with their content, the more likely they are to return the favor! Of course I always recommend tagging a person or company if you are referencing them in your post.

One last tip - are you familiar with how to see a list to employees at a particular company on LinkedIn? If not, that can be a really helpful way to connect with folks at that company, including recruiters. If you were to go to a company’s page (Disney, for example), one of the menu options on the left hand side should say “People.” Then you can put in “recruiter” or “Human Resources” as keywords to find people who have those jobs at that company. If you send them personalized connection requests, they will typically accept or reply because it is their job to find good talent! Once they are in your network, it is more likely they will see and engage with your posts.

I hope these tips are helpful. Good luck!!!

Thank you Lisa for all these helpful tips! C L.

You're so welcome! If you'd like to connect with me on LinkedIn, feel free to send me a connection request. I'm happy to help in any way I can! Lisa Famularo

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Kimberly’s Answer

Hi! Great question! I recommend getting more active by liking others' posts along with commenting. By doing this, you are making yourself more known to the LinkedIn community. Feel free to even tag a connection you feel might benefit from the content posted. When posting your own content, make it relatable. Maybe this is through sharing a personal story or accomplishment, sharing a picture for the moment, or creating a flyer/graphic to represent your work. Others will feel your content is worth taking a few moments to read. Also, make sure to use hashtags that are appropriate. This will attract those following certain hashtags. If you worked with someone on a project, tag them in it as well. Their viewers will see your content and react. Lastly, it may be helpful to tag an organization related to your work. For example, within HR, I tag SHRM (Society of HR Management) to attract those who follow their content. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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Kiirsten’s Answer

Hello Cindy!

From the way you have reached out here-- you sound like you have an awesome and friendly personality (that's awesome!). I'd like to echo Lisa's answer in terms of growing your network-- to start small and set small goals. I started with 40 connections, and over the year I have made my own goals (such as adding one new person a week) and commenting on at least 3 posts a week.

Syntax and diction are also important, how you present yourself on LinkedIn-- when you go to ask questions or connect with someone, I suggest not generalizing ie "What's your favorite part about X?" maybe rephrase is to "How has X shaped your professional career?" I don't know if that makes sense or not-- but remember that your interactions are a reflection of you.

In regards to being a content creator, not giving up is key. You might get 3 likes here or 5 likes there-- and that's okay! I see many connections that have 500+ connections that only get 10 likes sometimes-- it's about what you post and how strong the impact is. Have you tried to reach out to anyone on LinkedIn who is a content creator? There are so many professionals on the platform that are willing to help aspiring people, so if you feel comfortable with that, try reaching out :).

Have fun!

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Soné’s Answer

Hi Cindy! I am happy to help with your question on reach on LinkedIn. I have seen varying degrees of success of my own posts, and these are my tips for expanded reach:

1. Add a photo or image to a post.

I can't emphasise this enough. With our current use of social media evolving from reading long posts to only viewing images or videos, you will more likely catch your audience's eye with an image than with a long winded story. If you are sharing content from a website, the link might already show up an image. If you are creating your own post, add in an image that supports your story. Keep in mind that this is not like other social media platforms, so this wouldn't be a selfie-style photo, and it shouldn't be unprofessional. It should reflect your brand. If you can't find a suitable photo, then add an image (not infringing copyrights) that has word scatters that link in with your topic.

2. If you forward a link, add in your own take on it.

Make your post personal and relevant to your audience, have a quick recap or teaser of the link in your own words.

3. The views will increase if you get likes from diverse people.

Try to connect with people beyond only your own discipline, keep in touch with old colleagues that might now have a different role. If they like your post, it opens your post up to their audience, which could be very different from your own.

Good luck!

Thank you Soné! Indeed, I found that posts w/o images engaged less audiences! C L.

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Muskaan’s Answer

Hi Cindy!

LinkedIn just like any social media site has certain algorithms, and basic social media marketing techniques help with that.

Some of the many pointers:
1) Posting about a buzz topic certainly gets more audience.
2) Adding a photo along with your post boosts it up as well.
3) Good Content writing goes a long way
4) Using the right hashtags with a good number helps well!
5) Relatable content helps too, IMO.

Hope this helps you.

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SUNKU’s Answer

Hello Cindy,

Good day!

A thought to "Engage more audience on LinkedIn". Amazing idea and good that you are looking for your future from the right time.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for marketing. To market ourselves, we need to follow a few strategies. There are many, you have to check which strategy works for you based on your requirement.

A few months ago, I found the capabilities that LinkedIn provides and was awe-struck. This made me to think that this is the right platform to explore and know what is happening in my work area through connections

So, started focusing on increasing connections. I found a basic yet powerful HACK TOOL which is LINKED HELPER through which you can automatically send requests along with a personalized message to your target audience. ( In your case, it can be Recruiters, Talent Acquisition, Business Partners, etc.). You have an option to send the requests for a particular group of people whom you are targeting to establish a connection with. By following this linked helper tool, I was able to increase my connections from 300 to 750+ in just 10 days.

Once, your network grows and has a good number of connections. You have multiple options to promote yourself.
1. Sending a personalized message to your connections about what you do and what you need
2. Make a proper engaging content and showcase your connections with your posts.
3. Search for relevant jobs and apply them there.
4. You also get a chance to see the feed of your connections, which helps you to identify the job posts on their feed.
5. Make sure you have an apt Headline, skills, and certifications details in your LinkedIn profile ( These are pivotal to search for your profile by the recruiters)
6. Appropriate tags also value a lot to target people

Note: There are a lot of courses on growth hacking or digital marketing to know more about how these hacks work.

Reference :

Hope this helps!

Good luck Cindy and All the best ! :)

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Georgi’s Answer

Hi Cindy,

with current COVID situation i found it easier to join and participate online events with relevant for me topics in Facebook.

It saves a lot of time and its easy to participate. You can also make notes and actively engage with questions without interrupting the presenters. That way it is easy to make contacts and introduce yourself to other participants. Once engaged it is easy to add them to your LinkedIn
connections and its more likely to be accepted. This is how you increase your professional network with professionals you actually ha some interaction and not just a contact of another contact you might have.

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Max’s Answer

Happy to help with the first question!

1. What are some other useful tips to engage more audiences (or even recruiters) on Linkedin?

- Great question and one that I have seen come up a lot lately for people that are a little newer to the platform. The most important thing you can do on LinkedIn is be yourself! It is a service that works like a digital resume and you get to put as many accomplishments (just make sure that they are real) as you want into your profile. No one has the same profile on Facebook or Instagram, so LinkedIn shouldn't be an exception.

Thank you Max ! C L.

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Shiyoung David’s Answer

Hi Cindy!

Hope you are having a wonderful day.

There are lots of good advice below from other professionals about how to create better contents to engage more audiences. So, I would like to share a small tip outside of the contents to increase the viewers.


If you are familiar with instagram, you might already know about the importance of hashtag to increase the viewers of your post. It is same for Linked-In. After you write the post or upload the resume, you need to add proper hashtag related with your post. However, do not add inappropriate hashtag only to increase the view. If it is not related with your post, it would have negative impacts on your credibility.

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Trevor’s Answer

A lot of great answers here. I would also say sharing others posts as well can extend your reach.