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How do you feel your work will affect your field?

Interested in HR, and want to gather thoughts on the bigger picture of the field. #business #human-resources #strategy #hr

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4 answers

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Karine’s Answer

Hmmm... I would reply how does your passion and things that matter to you brings you to fins the job you are made for !
HR is a great field with so many different jobs you can learn from! I would recommend to get in touch with professional from the field on Linked In or in your city to understand more about their jobs, constraints etc.. Good luck!

Karine, Thank-you so much for the great response! I appreciate it. Have a great day. Best, Federico Federico C.

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Lynda’s Answer

Human Resources is really an umbrella for so many different areas... there are Generalists and HR Business Partners; there are specialties like Total Rewards (compensation and benefits), HRIM, Culture and Engagement, Employee Relations consultants, Talent Acquisition, Communications, and more. Each of these offer a full range of growth potential, and often interact with each other and provide opportunity for cross-learning and advancement. No two days are ever the same!

HR also partners across other areas of the business, including Finance, Communications, business leadership and and others. It really does offer the opportunity to see and learn so much.

I agree with the recommendation above to chat with those in the field and find out what drew them to HR, and what keeps them here.

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Anupriya’s Answer

Well HR is definitely an interesting field and it is not just about making people happy!
To answer your question about how it affects- an organisation cannot run with disengaged, demotivated and low performing individuals. Along with business, HR's job is to ensure that people give their best and grow individually.
At a broader level, HR professionals enable the organisations to run smoothly with its people. Now that can be done by recruiting, engagement, training, managing performance, compensation, compliance etc. And like all other fields, HR strategy is aligned with business strategy - which forms the base for all HR programs/ initiatives.
What exactly excites you about HR? And why do you want to enter in HR field?

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Samantha’s Answer

I agree with what others have said. HR, when done right, is a strategic part of the business. It works with other functions to identify the future of the company and its role is to ensure that the company has the people and talent to meet that future. While HR has a lot to do with day-to-day, keeping the company going, it can be so much more in a company that sees value in HR and invests in it. When looking at companies I’d be sure to look for that quality. Does their CHRO work directly with the CEO? Is there an HR strategy component? Do they hire strong HR professionals?