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Ryan Feb 06 695 views

In corporate finance how many hours is an average work week? What are the most hours you've worked?

Just wondering what a week would look like in the finance field

Azenet’s Avatar
Azenet Feb 07 713 views

Is being an accountant difficult How much do accountants make per year??

Is studying accounting worth the time.

Isa!’s Avatar
Isa! Feb 11 1074 views

What are a few skills, tips, and tricks I can use to learn and get into becoming Computer tech?

Im interested in becoming successful in tech, I would like to gain as much information as possible. I would like to know the basic resources on starting with computer's such as building an online platform, what i would need to start that, an online business, and how I can work my way up to...

Liam’s Avatar
Liam Feb 12 759 views

how i can learn new skills ?how i can learn new skills from more source?

how i can learn new skills from more source?

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Feb 13 882 views

How I develop my tech skills?


Tatum’s Avatar
Tatum Feb 14 9260 views

How do i start a youtube channel?

How do I start a youtube channel I really want to its kinda always been my dream but I don't know where to start. Any tips will help. But sometimes I think about doing photography. Please help any tips.

Rylee’s Avatar
Rylee Feb 15 733 views

how many year do I have to attend college to get a business degree?

I want to do something career wise with business but I need some more information on the topic.

Linda’s Avatar
Linda Feb 16 654 views

how to i can be a web developer?

is it safe for future??

Hayah’s Avatar
Hayah Feb 17 739 views

How to start a side hustle?

How to start a side hustle?

Polo’s Avatar
Polo Feb 19 1106 views

Which is the best career in the field of Technology?

anyone to help me here

jamison’s Avatar
jamison Feb 20 1489 views

what is the best college for accounting?

i want to be a accountant but i dont know which college is the best one to go to in this field.

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Jan 29 948 views

What is the salary for accounting

I’m in 9 grade

Karl’s Avatar
Karl Feb 04 604 views

What's the best way to learn Python?

Tips on learning how to efficiently use Python.

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Jan 18 813 views

Where should I get A career advisor?

Am looking for a career advisor anywhere

Rahina’s Avatar
Rahina Jan 18 424 views

How do i decided what best for me?

My mom wants me to be a medical doctor but i want to be an actress or a musician. She’s afraid im not gonna succeed in the entertainment industry