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what is the best thing about marketing

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4 answers

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Sandra’s Answer

Marketing helps you understand what people want and how they behave. Marketing also forces you to know what is trending and what's cool before most of the public catches on. It's really rewarding when you, as a marketer, are one of the first people in the space to experience a trend, use a new app, or try a new product/technology. It's important to know these things because some brands who are willing try new trends first are differentiating themselves from their competitors and also reaching new audiences who will try their brand.

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Stacey’s Answer

Hi Tony,

Marketing has SO many varied and interesting career paths. It is also broad-based so you will have many opportunities for a career path and you may start out in one area and then move to a related one like I did. I went from working at an ad agency directly out of college, to a trade show manager for a shoe company and then to sales promotion for a large consumer goods company where I stayed for over 10 years!
If you are a creative soul, marketing is for you! Your day-to-day responsibilities are never the same so it keeps the job fresh and interesting. In fact, part of two of my positions included photo shoots where I styled the product and worked with photographers to create images for print ads and sales materials. Hence, I'm not a freelance photo stylist! A big piece of marketing in today's world is E-commerce which most young people are very familiar with and this can be an enormous benefit to an employer.

Good luck!


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Anu’s Answer

The best thing about marketing is that it gives you the opportunity to be tied closely to sales and help them succeed, marketing also allows you to be creative & yet also analytical, finding new ways to attract customers to buy your products, it gives you a chance to feel the pulse of your customers .. survey them, analyze their buying behaviour, get their feedback, use them as a reference to help sell to other customers and so much more.

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Kim’s Answer

Hi Tony
I agree with Sandra. I will also add that my favorite thing about marketing was being on the leading edge of understanding the customers experience and creating an innovative solution to improve or enhance that experience. It is incredibly gratifying knowing you made a difference in people's lives. Best wishes to you on your journey.