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What is the average/median starting salary of a food & flavor chemist? Or someone with a chemistry degree in general?

I'm a high school senior that wants to major in chemistry but doesn't know her career options. #science #chemistry #food

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1 answer

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Vanja’s Answer

Hello Aminah,

I just thought for a start I would give you some information to work with.
Although I have completed my degree in the sciences it is difficult for me to answer specifics in chemistry a field that I am aware of, but have not specialized in.

That being said I just did a quick Google search for salaries of food/flavor chemists and found this...

However, you will notice on the site that there is a range in salary from about 30,000-103,000.
The type of profession you choose within the field of Chemistry will make a difference in terms of your salary as well as your site of employment ie.retirement residence, hospital, laboratory etc.
And the numbers I just provided you with are based off of the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Thus, the location you wish to work in will also make a difference!

As you see some decisions need to be made in terms of the specifics of the profession you choose.
I am sure if you major in Chemistry there will be a lot of options for you.
I suggest you explore the internet for some options.
A general search of some key words would be good. ie.professions in chemistry.

Hope that helps, at least a little!

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