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Stereoscopic Ciruit

is it possible to build a circuit that will only have one potentiometer to control the volume of two speakers with the following materials ...

LM386 Operation Amplifier,
Headphone Jack (1),
Arduino Uno Microcontroller,
Resistors (no specific value), and
capacitors (no specific value) #engineering #electrical-engineering #arduino

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1 answer

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Keith’s Answer

For stereo operation, you will need two completely independent channels. Each LM386 is a single amplifier, so you would need two to have stereo. You could have two speakers in a mono configuration--they would be driven in parallel by a single amplifier. In that case, you would just need to pay attention to the speaker impedance, so that you don't overdrive the amplifier with two speakers in parallel.

Regarding the pot specifically, if you decide to build a stereo configuration with two amplifiers, you can buy pots with two potentiometers ganged together in the same package, so that one knob controls both pots. These are called stereo potentiometers.