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how can i be a singer and songwriter as well as a food and beverage server

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Just want to know if thats a good opinion to work for. Even though thats my goal #singer #songwriter #songwriting

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Tamara’s Answer


Hi tamara,

I have never been a singer, but I waited tables for over 12 years. Working in food and beverage was always a second job for me, in addition to what I was truly passionate about, or what made the most money. My niece is named after me, and is in the same position as you. She is trying to get her musical career off the ground, and has worked as waitress throughout college and after. It is great, easy money for what it's worth. For you venturing into the entertainment industry, I suggest you ALWAYS AND CONSTANTLY sing! Stay in the studio and/or consistently post and promote your music by any means necessary. While you are working in food and beverage you will meet so many interesting people from all walks of life. Have a simple business card made that links to your website or YouTube page with your singing and music. If you don't have a website, then make one. There are several sites you can do this for FREE, and they are easy to make. Get your name out there in social media so people will always recognize it or not ever forget it (Tamara's are special!! Ha ha)! I also suggest you acquire a degree in some area as well, if you have not already. I suggest this as a back up because the music industry is TOUGH!! I wish you all the best, and welcome any other questions you may have.