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Deandre’s Avatar
Deandre Jun 02, 2021 449 views

Is walking on better then Getting college offers?

#life #walkon

Bernae’s Avatar
Bernae May 24, 2021 458 views

How do you enter the Mental Health field? What are the obstacles and hardships needed to be overcome?

I am debating whether or not to become a psychologist or any career path in the mental health field. My goal is to help Pw/BPD. #mental-health #mental-health-counseling

Debra’s Avatar
Debra Dec 27, 2016 1014 views

Is it worth applying to a joint BS/MS program after already receiving your BA?

Some graduate programs only offer the joint program. They happen to be much longer since they are joint programs. However, many programs only offer a regular MS degree. #psychology #graduate-school #occupational-therapy #masters-degree #speech-pathology

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Jan 16, 2017 2608 views

Is it difficult to find jobs in Psychiatric Psychology?

I love the idea of working with the mentally insane, but is this career too unrealistic? #psychology #clinical-psychology #psychotherapy #neuropsychology #neuro #psychologists #insane #mentally

charmae’s Avatar
charmae May 12, 2016 953 views

what is the best route to take to achieve your doctorate in sociology?

I am asking because this is my goal. i want to start my own military therapy and PTSD victims therapy business. #business #psychology #military #doctorate-degree #therapy #sociology #therapists #career-plan

Jesse’s Avatar
Jesse May 12, 2016 1115 views

With my growing interest in counselling, and psychology being a broad major, in what area I should focus my attention when choosing a related minor?

I have grown an immense interest in this major as I have always been a very reserved and quiet person, sort of a people watcher from time to time and its something that I feel I would excel at. I have every intention of finishing with a doctorate and applying my knowledge to my career path and...

Eve’s Avatar
Eve May 24, 2016 752 views

Why is a Masters in Fashion Merchandising not availiable?

I want to get a Masters degree, in Business Administration along with Fashion Merchandising. However, colleges only offer a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising.

Shelby’s Avatar
Shelby May 09, 2016 1056 views

Is a career in psychology likely to be successful, and if so, is there a need for it in today's medical field?

Im consudering psychology as a backup after a career in law. Woukd like to be a psychiatrist with doctorate degree if law path doesnt work out #psychiatry #mental-health

Eugenia’s Avatar
Eugenia May 24, 2016 952 views

What classes should I take for a career in the medical field if I am a freshman in an undergraduate college?

I plan on becoming a medical doctor, and would like to know what classes should I take in my freshman college year. #college #doctor #graduate #medical-school

Vidal’s Avatar
Vidal Sep 14, 2016 847 views

Where should I start in the field of Psychology?

I'm currently a junior psychology student aspiring to become a psychologist. More specifically, a school psychologist. But, I'm having a hard time thinking where to start. I still haven't had any part-time jobs or any volunteering experience. Time is rapidly passing and by the time I graduate I...

Zaire ’s Avatar
Zaire Aug 22, 2016 855 views

Are you allowed to change your major when your in college

I'm a little worried that when its time to pick a major that a will choose the wrong one.If I do can a switch to a different one. #college

Theodore’s Avatar
Theodore Aug 23, 2016 1088 views

Can a person with a Bachelors Degree counsel others?

Up coming Social Work student. #college #social-work

tamara’s Avatar
tamara Aug 14, 2016 961 views

how can i be a singer and songwriter as well as a food and beverage server

Just want to know if thats a good opinion to work for. Even though thats my goal #singer #songwriter #songwriting

Bakkiyalakshmi’s Avatar
Bakkiyalakshmi Jun 18, 2016 1472 views

how do I become a journalist?

its my dream! #girls #hit #geri

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Aug 13, 2016 1248 views

How difficult is it to pursue a career in another country?

I am a high school student born and raised in the United States of America. Recently, I have been interested in possibly working abroad. I know there are many challenging factors to consider when looking to work internationally, but I would specifically like to know what they are exactly....