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Calvin K.’s Avatar
Calvin K. May 07, 2016 998 views

How can I maintain a healthy balance between work and free time?

It's possible to be consumed by both workload or by having way too much fun, which understandably affects the opposite. I don't want to lose out on things and activities outside of my school work, but I also don't want to be unproductive. What's a good strategy to make sure I'm productive and...

mental-health work health work-life-balance school

Shelby G.’s Avatar
Shelby G. May 09, 2016 614 views

Is a career in psychology likely to be successful, and if so, is there a need for it in today's medical field?

Im consudering psychology as a backup after a career in law. Woukd like to be a psychiatrist with doctorate degree if law path doesnt work out psychiatry...


charmae L.’s Avatar
charmae L. May 12, 2016 643 views

what is the best route to take to achieve your doctorate in sociology?

I am asking because this is my goal. i want to start my own military therapy and PTSD victims therapy business. business psychology military doctorate-degree therapy sociology therapists...


Jesse P.’s Avatar
Jesse P. May 12, 2016 776 views

With my growing interest in counselling, and psychology being a broad major, in what area I should focus my attention when choosing a related minor?

I have grown an immense interest in this major as I have always been a very reserved and quiet person, sort of a people watcher from time to time and its something that I feel I would excel at. I have every intention of finishing with a doctorate and applying my knowledge to my career path and...

majors-and-minors clinical-psychology psychology

Kaedyn C.’s Avatar
Kaedyn C. May 16, 2016 971 views

I am majoring in psychology this fall; besides other psychology classes what courses should I enroll in to best prepare me for my future career in psychology?

I am doing everything in my power to create a successful future for myself, and I believe the classes you take in college can have a significant impact. Before I create my schedule, I want to know what kind of classes will help me improve, and create skills I need for my future career....

counseling sociology school-psychology clinical-psychology mental-health career-counseling psychology college-major

Eve B.’s Avatar
Eve B. May 24, 2016 499 views

Why is a Masters in Fashion Merchandising not availiable?

I want to get a Masters degree, in Business Administration along with Fashion Merchandising. However, colleges only offer a Bachelor's degree in Fashion...

Eugenia C.’s Avatar
Eugenia C. May 24, 2016 606 views

What classes should I take for a career in the medical field if I am a freshman in an undergraduate college?

I plan on becoming a medical doctor, and would like to know what classes should I take in my freshman college year. college doctor graduate...


Isabella Z.’s Avatar
Isabella Z. May 27, 2016 749 views

Is it worth pursuing a doctorates degree in mathematics?

I want to attain a doctorates degree in mathematics because I truly enjoy the topic and I just want to learn more about it. I want to know whether or not it is a good career choice. mathematics...


Bakkiyalakshmi R.’s Avatar
Bakkiyalakshmi R. Jun 18, 2016 1090 views

how do I become a journalist?

its my dream! girls hit...


praveen S.’s Avatar
praveen S. Jun 22, 2016 696 views
Tiffanie L.’s Avatar
Tiffanie L. Jul 13, 2016 979 views

Are you satisfied with your jobs?

I believe most people answering the questions on careervillage are mainly people who are willing to help students find their way as they grow older. As a person who is helping others such as us students on career village, are you satisfied with where you are now college career jobs...


Hollie C.’s Avatar
Hollie C. Jul 22, 2016 971 views

What are the factors that I should consider whether or not graduate school is appropriate for me?

I am almost done with my bachelor degree in college, and I'm not sure if going to graduate school is right for me. For now, I would like to explore the work market for a while first. I would like to get some advice on how I should determine or assess myself in future if I wanted to go on to...

academic-advising graduate

Quinton Q.’s Avatar
Quinton Q. Jul 24, 2016 855 views

When choosing a college what should I prefer, better reputation or better price?

So I'm pretty smart and have a GPA high enough to get me into a pretty solid college, but I'm worried about the cost and the student loans I would amass. So I was wondering how I would find a balance between both a good education and a good price, but not suffering in either, and in a...

college student-loans finance

David Ohta’s Avatar
David O. Aug 02, 2016 1941 views

Where/what companies should a second year college student look to in order to find summer internships in consulting?

I'm a second year student majoring in English/Economics at Stanford University, and I'm interested in learning more about consulting/figuring out if its a good professional fit for me. business consulting business-analysis...


John S.’s Avatar
John S. Aug 03, 2016 620 views

How do you plan an effective move?

So, if I moved to Seattle to find a job and live in a city that I want to live in, how would I do it?...