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Why did you choose a job as a sports announcer?

I want more insight onto why other people are interested in what I am. #sports #sports-media #communications #media

I would encourage you to read up on Kirk Herbstreit. There are a lot of good articles on how he went from a quarterback at Ohio State University and started out at a local campus radio show to becoming one of the best College Football announcers around. Nicholas L.

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2 answers

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FABIO’s Answer

Hi Eldon L.

Well, I'm not a sport announcer but I like to talk to people in subject related to development. So, I think people that apply to this role likes to have visibility, like to reach people with his message, like to talk and for sure like sports. If you are unclear about follow this carear, ask yourself: how can I be happy doing this job? I know sometimes we need inputs from other persons to decide important things and the the answer must come from your heart. Follow your dream and be happy.

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waqar’s Answer

Probably because they love sports. Imagine being a sports presenter and going all over the world to report and talk about the thing you love watching and playing.