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Creative Writing Day In the Life

How is the day of the life as a writer? Is it hard to get jobs to do. I have already started writing books but they are not completed yet, so is that a good start? #english #creative-writing

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There are a lot of different types of jobs you can get if you work hard as a writer. If you are working as a journalist, you recieve topics from an editor, or you offer stories to an editor about a topic you are interested in, you would then do your research, interview your subjects, write, edit and submit your story for print.

However, as a novelist life can be different. Raul Dahl the author of "The BFG" "Matilda" and other children's classics had a rule: Be at your desk from 10am-12pm and from 4pm-6pm. Even if you don't write, you have to be in the seat. The reason for this, I believe, is it is important to treat writing like a job. You have to be ready to write, even if you don't have any ideas inside that moment.

Whatever field you decide to pursue, you can always remember the harder you work, the luckier you'll get.

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Gregory B.,

I actually graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering. This strikes some folks as odd, however, the creativity of designing and building a structure adapts itself quite well to creative writing. About four years ago, I decided to follow my heart and begin writing creatively. To be honest, my first contracts were extremely low-paying and through various online freelance writing sites. Once my portfolio was built (about three-months), however, I established a client base that has allowed me to practice the art of writing while earning a fair wage.

While this may not be the types of creative writing you seek, I enjoy research and meeting people, so it suits my personality perfectly. On the other hand, I've had the opportunity to ghost write several books, help students from college to medical school and doctoral studies to law school with personal statements, academic papers, etc. Some of my favorite clients are the ones who have improved to the point that they no longer need my help.

What I'm trying to tell you is that every person, every writer, has a different definition of and methods for expressing their creativity. While writing a novel is my dream, I also recognize the need to earn money....which has at the moment sidetracked me to an arena of writing for which I never expected, yet love. Good luck on your journey, and take advantage of this wonderful online world that offers endless opportunities for earning money until your first novel is published.

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Hi Gregory,

I love to write and I think that is the first prerequisite for an author. I have heard it said that writers don't always want to write, but they feel compelled to write. It's great that you have started writing books!
I have found that it is easier to begin small. For example, I had never written fiction so I took the Gotham's NYC Writers Workshop online and there we were tasked with writing several short stories. Short stories are a great way to break through because you can send them to any number of publications. A published writer has much more credibility than non-published. Poetry is another very good way to get published or get into the field. Finally, blogging has made writing a very competitive field but it has also leveled the playing field for unknowns who are talented writer. Anyone can start a blog.

You should have your work critiqued by other writers or a teacher, and ask them to be honest with you and suggest ways of improvement.

I hope this helps and best of luck in your future endeavors!

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