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Samantha Feb 27, 2015 869 views

How do I create a good story for teens?

I want to write a story about a girl named Tov who is living in the year 2060 and is in the army, figthing against the Taliban, who have been nonexistent for the past thirty years until now. I need a mentor who can help make my story the best it can be. #military #history #literature #writers

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Samantha Feb 12, 2015 772 views

What is the economic situation in Greece between the year of 2014 and 2015?

I am doing the Euro challenge for my school and our topic is on high unemployment rate in Greece. #economics #history #global-issues #unemployment

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Samantha Apr 02, 2014 1117 views

I am looking for a project idea on stem cells and how they can be made into vital organs, are there any projects I can do?

I am asking because I am doing a project for my science research class and need a start for my project. I already have my goals and just need help going on from there. #research #cell-biology #cells

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Samantha Mar 31, 2014 2955 views

If I am interested in biology, living environment, and science research what are some good careers for me?

I am interested in science as well as writing and want to know what careers are good for me. #biology #research #oncology #data-science

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Samantha Mar 31, 2014 997 views

How much money do writers make?

I want to become a writer and I'm curious to how much money is made. #writing

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Samantha Mar 31, 2014 1231 views

What are the best parts about being a writer for young adults and teens?

I want to become a writer in fiction and fantasy, especially for teens and young adults. I am currently writing a short story and the category is fantasy, but I also want to write paranormal, romance, and utopian societies. #writing #creative #fiction-writing #fantasy