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what should im study in high school if I want to work in the CIA or become a police?

Asked Chantilly, Virginia

I want to know what are good classes to take in school when I can. #police-officer #security #police-field-training

4 answers

Jeffrey’s Answer

Updated Edenton, North Carolina

Hannah, you have some great goals. First, the CIA and police are actually two very different directions. Have you considered the FBI?... The reason I mention it is because it combines law enforcement with central intelligence and where you are located might be an opportunity. Other than making sure you have a grasp on your general high school studies, perhaps look into the FBI. They have a high school program that may offer you some direction. Check out the .gov resource: https://www.fbijobs.gov/students/high-school-students

Jim’s Answer

Updated Irving, Texas

Two additional course considerations would be foreign language and psychology, as any law enforcement and/or intelligence career is exposed to these two areas and having them gives you an advantage over other candidates.  Also look into your local FBI Citizen's Academy's Teen Academy and your local police department's Explorer's Group.

Jim recommends the following next steps:

  • Look into your local FBI Citizen's Academy's Teen Academy
  • Look into your local police department's Explorer's Group

Allison’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Hi Hannah,

Great question. Honestly, in high school if they offer any criminal justice or law classes they might help you along. I agree with both Jeffrey and Jill. I know in NYC to become a police officer they require an associates degree (no specific major) and passing the police exam. Each State has different requirements and depending on whether or not you go federal, like the CIA, or State and local like a police officer there will be differences. Start by looking up job requirements for each and move on from there.

Jill’s Answer

Updated Hartford, Connecticut

Most towns have a junior police program. Start by calling your local station.

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