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Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Feb 28, 2017 1814 views

How to prepare for Cyber Security as a high school student?

I'm interested in doing Cyber Security in the future but I don't know how to prepare for it. I'm still in high school and I am taking computer programming related courses like CSAP. #computer-science #computer-programming #cyber-security #computer-networking #computer-security

Ariel’s Avatar
Ariel Oct 19, 2016 1136 views

Is it best to take the path of Business Cyber Security or under Computer Science Cyber Security?

During a college visit at UTSA, one element of cyber security was under the umbrella of the School of Business. The other was under the umbrella of Computer Sciene. Which would you recommend as the best path to follow? #business #science #computer #security #cyber

Armando’s Avatar
Armando Mar 16, 2018 1054 views

What are some great resources, websites, or techniques that I can use to continue developing my programming skills?

I want to retain and improve what I'm learning in class in terms of coding skills as well as learning new languages and skills. #programming #cyber-security

Armando’s Avatar
Armando Nov 29, 2017 1018 views

What can I do to prepare and acquire a cyber security internship?

I'm halfway through my first year in my Cyber Security Master's program and I want to take any necessary steps to obtain the experience that I need to acquire a great job after graduation. I've never had any experience with applying to internships, specifically in cyber security and related...

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine Apr 03, 2018 1502 views

Is computer science really that high demand?

Everyone always says that computer science is a quickly growing field. However, does this mean I should pursue computer science and be guaranteed job security? #job #security

Renne’s Avatar
Renne Jan 11, 2018 1058 views

What should I do in order to work with the FBI? #FBI

I am really interested in becoming a special agent and would like to know how one becomes one. I am wondering how many years of college I should do and I am wondering where I should go. I am willing to go out of California, but have no idea if the FBI looks at the state your college is in....

Marcel’s Avatar
Marcel Dec 13, 2017 1013 views

What do I need to do to be able to work in Cyber Security?

My name is Marcel and I´m 17 years old. I have thought about what I want to be in life and that is a couple of different things. I have thought about doing something in cybersecurity, gaming, social media, application designer, or something in the technology field relate to those categories....

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Oct 26, 2016 3385 views

What do jobs in Cyber Security do on a daily basis?

Is there down time or is there constantly things to be done? #cyber-security

Jake’s Avatar
Jake Jan 22, 2018 863 views

What's it like being a part of a cyber-security team in a government agency?

I'm really thinking about majoring in Computer Science (Information Assurance) and going into a government agency like FBI, CIA, DIA, DoD, or any of the other like-minded branches. What's it like? How different is the public sector in this career from the private sector? Would you switch to...

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jan 03, 2018 965 views

I want to know how to become one who investigates crime but also goes out into the field to do the arrest. What career should I pursue?

I'm asking because I'm in high school and would like to start taking the right classes I need to take #criminal-investigations #criminal-justice #police #law-enforcement #investigations

Tatyanna’s Avatar
Tatyanna Oct 26, 2016 1321 views

What are the downfalls of majoring in Computer Science/Computer Technology if you ultimately want to work in the cyber security field?

I am interested in pursuing a career in cyber security, but some schools I am interested in do not offer cyber security as a major. #computer-science #information-technology #cyber-security

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Jan 11, 2017 5788 views

What are some types of careers that involve investigation?

I am more concerned with careers in the criminal justice field, but any careers would help me make a decision #career #criminal-justice #law-enforcement #investigations

Ariel’s Avatar
Ariel Oct 19, 2016 1367 views

I want to be a cyber security guru, however; the cost of tuition is extravagant. How did you avoid becoming discouraged?

I have pretty much settled on 3 universities that I am very interested in attending. Each one is more expensive than the other. My parents cannot afford to pay the $200,000 tuition costs. The underpriviledged have federal aid and grants that do not have to be repaid. The wealthy have deep...

Wenge’s Avatar
Wenge Sep 03, 2016 1548 views

I am thinking about either a career in Network Security or in Machine Learning?

I have few options modules to choose. Basically is Network(Network Theory, Network Security, Cryptography and Information Security) and something like AI (Pattern Recognition, Biologically Inspired Methods, Computational Models)? Please help me. I'm more interested in AI, but it seems it's a...

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Feb 07, 2017 1511 views

What is the best path for a student of information technology or related field that wishes to start a career in Information Security?

I am graduating soon, and want to work in Information Security. What certifications, if any, are required/appropriate? Should I get programming work experience before attempting to move into Information Security? Is there any other advice that you can give that might help me break into the...