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How can i become better at basketball?

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I wanna get better agt basketball to play in college #sports #basketball #athletics #coaching #collegiate-athlete #knowledge-management

2 answers

Kevin’s Answer


Hi Marcus

The best way to get better at basketball is practice! It may sound obvious, but repeating different drills day after day is the best way to get better. You can break up the days by different basketball skills. One day, focus only on shooting - short, medium, long range shots, different types of shots like pull-ups or floaters, anything you can think of. The next day, focus on dribbling - both hands, crossovers, different moves up and down the court. The next day, focus on defense - defensive slides, sprinting, shuffling your feet. Keep doing this until you're covering all parts of the game.

Another great resource is YouTube. There are thousands of basketball drills and practice techniques on YouTube. Try different videos and see which ones you like best. It can give you a lot of great ideas on how to get better.

The last thing I'd say is be as coachable as possible. Listen to any coaches you may have, and try to make your weaknesses on the court your strengths. Don't be offended if they tell you that you need to work on something; they have your best interest in mind, so look at it as an opportunity and thank them for helping you to get better.

Basketball is a great game, work hard and have fun with with it. Hope this helps!

Dave’s Answer

Hello Marcus - I've run a youth basketball club for many years. I've seen common traits with kids that develop to play college ball. Excluding those kids gifted with size or athletic ability, those that have been most successful have focused on skills development and invested considerable time in the gym. If you are young then I suggest finding an AAU club with solid coaching and a focus on skills development vs simply playing a bunch of games. If possible, find a good skills trainer that can work with you on a 1x1 basis or in small group. My kids preferred working in small groups of 2-4 to make the sessions more enjoyable and it also reduced the cost of the trainer. In the end, you need to put in the reps to get better. Best of luck!