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Whish careers are available in visual design

I'm interested in studying into visual design, but do not know what courses are available and where to begin. design designing web-design

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5 answers

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Gio’s Answer

To add to what others have shared, there is also Brand Design. It's somewhat distinct from a graphic design role, in that you focus on developing, maintaining and evolving the visual and written language of the company's brand across all touchpoints. It's less production design, more ownership of the company's brand identity. A large part of the job can be visual design, but you also work on brand strategy and have a collaborative relationship with marketing, product and executive leadership.

A product designer or UI/UX designer spends most of their time doing research, interviewing customers, and designing product/user interfaces in a platform like Figma or Sketch. A graphic designer spends most of their time in Adobe Creative Cloud apps, as well as Keynote or PowerPoint, often focusing on designing marketing materials and/or packaging. A brand designer may touch on all of the above, as well as creating and maintaining brand guidelines, and acting as brand oversight for the entire company. These are generalizations, and you'll find some overlap in job responsibilities regardless of the job title, depending on the industry and company size.

Hopefully this helps you figure out which direction you're most interested in heading with your career. The school I went to had a separate degree track for UX/UI design and graphic design. The UX/UI design track focused on design thinking, user experience, visual communication, and HTML/CSS/javascript. The graphic design track leaned much more heavily on visual design, especially branding, packaging and print design, while touching lightly on user experience and HTML/CSS. You can also find bootcamps or certificate programs to give you the fundamentals you need to get started as a junior designer, without the expense of a 4-year degree.
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Abi’s Answer

Hi Erika,

As a UX designer, I absolutely love my job! It involves a lot of strategic thinking and creative problem solving. My day-to-day can range from conducting User Interviews to understand users' needs and pain points, brainstorming and wireframing ideas, to creating hi-res mockups/prototypes. It also pays significantly better than other design fields such as graphic design.

Although UX designers get to exercise a lot of creativity when it comes to problem-solving, they have less room to exercise visual creativity than other design fields such as graphic design, packaging, or illustration. Unless they work for an agency, UX designers have to follow the brand style for the company they work for - there's usually specific fonts, colors, and styles that you have to stick to. However, if you're a UX designer for a smaller startup, you may be able to play a role in helping determine and evolve the visual branding.

If you're interested in UX, you can check if there's a Human Computer Interaction class available. If not, there's a lot of online resources on UX design. In addition to Google's coursera class, there's UX classes on skillshare. There's also a ton of videos on Youtube about UX design made by UX designers. You can also consider doing a Bootcamp ( ).
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Patrícia’s Answer

Design is a great career for anyone in touch with their creative side, its always exciting as you'd be doing lots of different stuff.
Adding one role, that's has high demand nowadays, to Sam's awnser, is UX/UI Design (UX = user experience, UI = user interface).
As a UX/UI designer you'd be crafting and creating great user experiences in websites, web or mobile apps (imagine redesigning your favorite mobile app), putting the user on the center, creating the best usable and easy platform for its users, and with visuals that make sense and are sleek and beautiful (from the buttons' colors to the buttons' shape, and the overall look and feel of the app).
This is a role that has aot of demand in the tech world these days, as we're in a digital area and a lot of business are being held online, this is a highly important function in these companies.
Hope this helps :)
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Sam’s Answer

Visual design skills can be useful in lots of careers. Some big ones are:
- Graphic Designer
- Digital Designer
- Web Designer
- App Designer (or Product Designer)
- Artists
- Illustrators
- Ad agency designers
- Animators
- Some roles in theater, TV, film, or games

Sam recommends the following next steps:

You can watch some interviews and tutorials about each of these to see if they'd be of interest to take a course in.
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Simeon’s Answer

The one I'm currently familiar with is UX Design. Google is offering a certificate that can help you get entry level work in a partnership with Coursera at grow. google. com. They're also partnering with groups that can help you land a job as well.