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What is the most important thing (lesson or skill) one can take out of working in the sports entertainment industustry?

With many people coming into this industry, I felt it needed to be asked what makes the struggle and effort to be successful in this field worth it. #entertainment #sports-marketing #personal-development

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2 answers

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Sharee’s Answer

I think the greatest lesson/skill I've learned is that your reputation is your most important asset. You can't cultivate relationships if people don't trust you or question your character. In this business (and really any business) people will make decisions based on their prior history with you or your reputation. integrity is everything.

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John’s Answer

Sharee has great advice and like she says that's important for any business. Related, I have found the most important lesson/skill in sports and entertainment is building relationships. If you have strong reputation that will be easier. While all sports are a little bit different on the business side they have quite a bit in common and being able to leverage other people for advice is extremely helpful. That could be on business practices themselves, to help yourself get a job, to help get a referral or a reference when you are looking to hire a position, or just for friendship.