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how to remember names of different chemical in chemistry

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3 answers

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Sanober’s Answer

Hi Swaraj!

I would suggest finding out how you learn best and find a way to memorize the elements in chemistry using that technique. For example, you could make flashcards on quizlet or on notecards to test yourself, and with enough practice, you will soon memorize all the names.

Hope this helps :)


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Suzanne’s Answer

An easy way to learn chemistry formulas is to use the periodic table and become very acquainted with the chemical symbols that are found on the table of elements

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Anjana’s Answer

Easiest way is to learn the periodic table and the position of elements in the table. Once you know each element and its position, its easy to understand/ figure out the valency of each. There are many you tube videos which explain how to learn valency very easily.
Once you know the charges of each element in a formula, its easy to calculate the final product.
Go through http://assignmenthelplite.com/blog/4-tricks-to-memorize-chemical-formulas/ to get an idea.