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What kind of jobs with UNESCO World Heritage?

I am really interested in historical conservation and heritage sites and am curious to know what opportunities to work in this sector are offered through UNESCO WHC. What do field work opportunities look like? What does working at HQ look like? Are most positions on a volunteer basis or do they offer longer term paid positions?
I speak both French and English fluently and will be graduating with a Bachelor's of Architecture and a minor in History; how could I put these skills to good use by working for UNESCO?

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1 answer

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Desiree’s Answer

What a great career to consider. I love visiting UNESCO sites when I travel. Luckily for you, some of this information is readily available on their website. See:

In addition to working directly for UNESCO, you can also work for individual sites (recall that USESCO designates sites, but they are not owned by the UN). If there are certain sites you want to work for, consider researching them individually.

My last idea: sites must apply to become UNESCO designated - so maybe you can help a site through the application process. Research sites that may be seeking designation and contact them!

Desiree recommends the following next steps:

Visit UNESCO to research careers here:
Research careers at individual UNESCO sites the world over. Pick a site of interest to you and research on-line.
See if there are sites exploring UNESCO designation and what positions might exist there.