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Is this suitable for me?

I have no experience about online job but I will do my best for my work #first-job

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3 answers

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Rebecca’s Answer

First of all, what kind of online job you are looking for? Are you looking for something you have to work online or you can work from home and connect to the employer online?
On the 1st one, you may consider to be a youtuber. But, you may need to make the video that can attract the subscribers that having the mass you can earn an income. You may need to have a subject to become a KOL and also have good skill to produce good videos.
For the 2nd one, there are some freelance jobs, e.g. web page developer, etc. Similar to 1st one, you may need to have certain skills. And, you can look for your employer online. Also, please ensure the employer is reliable who will pay you after finishing you job.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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Nikki’s Answer

What kind of job are you looking at?

Many people didn't have experience working virtually before the pandemic, so you should probably be fine without having any experience working virtually. If this will be your first job, the most important thing is being willing to learn. As long as you take initiative and work hard, you will likely do well! Your first job is a great learning experience.

Good luck!

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Suraj’s Answer

You can start with few Online Videos on You tube and get going.
There are lot of free training videos for online Jobs

Suraj recommends the following next steps:

Watch Online Videos Example : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EufU0UW6NAA
Get account in Freelancing and get work started : https://www.freelancer.in/