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Shad K. Dec 21, 2020 264 views

Whats a good way to find a internship

What internships are there at colleges...


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Rafael A. Feb 26 147 views

Any tips on virtual interviews?

I'm a sophomore accounting major. It will be a PWC internship and I am a first generation student being both fluent in English and Spanish. #student...


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ritvik K. Mar 22 220 views

describe yourself for an interview

i am in collage and year company come in my collage for placement .and its common question in interview ,so please you help me to how to describe my in front of an stranger...


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Eshan S. Mar 28 184 views

How does a high school junior with no work experience get a job?

I'm a high school junior trying to find a summer job to enrich my experience . #jobsearch...


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Erlen C. Apr 06 66 views

Is this suitable for me?

I have no experience about online job but I will do my best for my work...


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candice S. Apr 07 152 views

can a student get a full-time job?

Very good character with a great personality. Disciplined and respectful. Hard worker and determined. Leader and Team worker. Punctual and prompt. Ambitious and Determined. Hands on and co-operative. Good grammar and communication skills. #career #business #fun #sonogram #artist #fashion...

#fashion-design #modeling #book #author #writer #models

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Thomas C. Apr 09 139 views

How do you find what you want to major in college?

I am a current senior and planning on attending college at UCSC and am registered as undeclared....


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Melissa C. Apr 09 83 views
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tanishka S. Apr 10 150 views

how will i know what i want to become

i am student of class 10th. neither too good nor too bad in studies. i haven't choose till know what i want to become. all of my family members are asking me what i want to become , bit still i don't know.. i think i can take commerce in 11th. i can say that i am a good speaker, listener, and...