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How do I study fashion abroad without going broke?

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5 answers

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Jenna’s Answer


I would look into fashion colleges in Europe, if that is where you would like to study. The schools in Europe are actually much cheaper than US schools are! So don’t completely rule them out yet. Certainly, it will be more expensive for flights home for the holidays if you are so far away, but may still be cheaper than a US university.

If you speak another language, then this is ideal as you open us your possibilities for a variety of countries, but in fact there are a number of schools throughout Europe than offer certain programs in English, and fashion sometimes is one of them. But, as others have said, a semester or year abroad is a great option too!

Jenna recommends the following next steps:

Figure out what your budget is per year (including flights home and housing)
Search fashion universities in Europe to see if any interest you.
Decide if you want several years studying in Europe, or would be ok with just one semester or one year.

Thank you so much that was super helpful! I am currently learning French on Duolingo and am considering getting a tutor/teacher so I can study abroad. The steps were super helpful! :) MJ M.

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chris’s Answer

Hello MJ, I think what Kelly wrote is a great example. Kent State University in Kent Ohio, where I went to college, has one of the top program’s in the world for certain concentrations in the major of fashion. We also have a branch campus in Italy where you can study abroad at. I would definitely suggest going onto Kent State’s website and going from there. I hope this helps!

- Chris

Thanks so much! I will go check out the website. MJ M.

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Kelly’s Answer

If you currently attend a college or university, you can look to see if they have an international office or study abroad/exchange program. There could be someone at your school who specializes in this and can lay out all of your options. There are also programs like ISEP (https://www.isepstudyabroad.org/), where you can apply do an exchange with a university abroad. My university was a member, so I was able to apply and list my top choices for member universities abroad. Through this program, I paid my home university's tuition and attended school in the UK. This doesn't account for your flight over or any travel you do while there, but it will hopefully give you a starting point. That site also has opportunities to do internships abroad, which I am less familiar with.

Thank you so much! That was super helpful. :) MJ M.

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Irena’s Answer

Hey there,

Believe me or not actually there are countries in Europe that offer free education for international students as well such as Luxemburg. Their program is free or minimum fee not only for Europeans but for international students as well.

Education in Denmark are pretty great prices and the living cost is not high at all comparing to US. They have plenty of scholarships as well that will help you get free education !
UK has pretty good price range for majors. I graduate fashion design and my loan for my whole education is 9k only and I was a really good university.
Many countries in EU offer great education system that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and they have many programs to help you with your education as well.
I personally believe it worth it going out of US for your major than staying it. It gives you a great cultural experience you meet so many different people from different countries and they have many projects to travel even more during your major and doing different programs.

The only thing is that is far but it gives a great life experience !

Thank you so much! :) MJ M.

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Sarah’s Answer

All of the other answers are great, but if it's still too much, you might want to try looking outside the box.

If an entire semester/year abroad is above your budget, see if you can get a summer internship - depending on the program, an internship may even include pay or room/board.

Maybe even a summer in Milan is out of your budget. Then try other places with a lower cost of living like Shanghai, South Africa or Brasil.

If even that isn't an option, some colleges have exchange programs with other colleges in US + Puerto Rico. If the cost of going abroad is too much, your university may be able to send you to NY for the normal cost of your tuition.

Thank you! This was super helpful! MJ M.

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