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describe yourself for an interview

i am in collage and year company come in my collage for placement .and its common question in interview ,so please you help me to how to describe my in front of an stranger #interviews

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9 answers

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Matthew’s Answer

Think of this less of the person you see in the mirror but more the person you see when you close your eyes. What are your values? What made you choose the field of study you have chosen? Why did, what about it excited you? How do you approach work and problem-solving? To you, these will be easy questions that seem obvious and something that would be the same answer for everyone but they actually are not. Everyone handles situations and problem-solving a little differently so letting the interviewer understand how you process information and take action can be very helpful and powerful when trying to secure a job.

Asking yourself what your values are can be extremely helpful - especially if the values align with the company's (or whatever program one is interviewing for)! Sandra Tichy

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Fernando’s Answer

Treat the concept of describing yourself as you would introducing a friend to someone else. Keep the description set on what's relevant to know, especially with regards to the job position, make sure you give a brief description of your skills and the work place dynamic you'd bring. The hard part is to hit a nice middle ground, you don't want to oversell yourself, but you also don't want to undersell yourself. Keep it lean and to the point, don't be afraid to engage in some small talk with the interviewer.

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Sandra’s Answer

When someone asks you this question, try to describe it as a journey and how you got to where you are today. Note that this suggestion is more for students looking for their first job (especially points1-4).

1. Talk about your family background if appropriate and describe your soft skill traits
2. Explain why you chose the college that you are studying at (and why you chose your major), along with any achievements you've made in college
3. Describe your goals and professional/developmental interests and why they are important to you
4. Share the electives/activities you've partaken in and explain how they helped reach your goals
5. Talk about how you are reaching your goals and why you're interested in the opportunity that you're interviewing for and tie this opportunity back to your goals.

Hope this narrative is helpful!

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K’s Answer

Hi Matthew, First, just be yourself! This might sound trite but it's important to be genuine because that shows recruiters who you really are. It's okay if you don't have all the answers off the top of your head; you can always comment that it's an intriguing or interesting question that you want to answer thoughtfully and take a couple of moments to provide a response. Second, usually, the "tell me about yourself" comment should be a blend of traits/skills related to the job you interesting in (85%) with a few casual comments included to add some more context or flavor about yourself (e.g.: I am really passionate about pursuing a career in public relations because I've realized my attention to detail, organizational skills and polished communications are some of my strongest qualities. For instance, when I was president of my rowing club at college, I organized a fundraising event that xyz.......It was a great opportunity to combine both my love of rowing which stokes my competitive side and my love of special events). It's always a good thing too to have a few prepared questions at the ready for recruiters; do your research on the company, the position and the skill set. Best wishes!

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Nikki’s Answer

For this question, I heard some advice from a career advisor that might be helpful!
1. First, bring up the basic information, such as school and major.
2. Then, you can talk more about the field you are interested in/interviewing for. Maybe you can talk about how you are passionate about that field, and you can discuss your interest in the position/how it aligns with your career goals.
3. You could also possibly discuss your skills or a relevant experience on your resume briefly. For example, you could say something like: "I had X internship last summer, and I enjoy collaborating (or talk about some other relevant skill)." And then tie this back to the role you are interviewing for.

You want to keep it brief but also give some good details. These are just some additional ideas of things of what you could maybe discuss, and I hope this is helpful! Good luck!

Here is a college's page on common interview questions that might be helpful to look at:

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Adrianna’s Answer

Ah the dreaded common opener:-) Think about your brand. Your brand is your reputation - what people say about you when you are not in the room. What are you known for? What are your strengths? Your personal brand is how you promote yourself. It is a combination of skills, experience, and personality. You use your personal branding to differentiate yourself from other people. In other words, there are a million "customer service reps" in the world, but what makes each person unique in what they bring to the customer service role. What is the value you would bring to whatever position you are seeking out? There is a ton of information on how to build your brand. Once you put it down, read it aloud, practice it, tweak it, and share it with those that know you best to get feedback. Even start with a simple - what are three words people would use to describe me? You also want to show your personality just keep it professional :-) Good luck!

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Andrea’s Answer

This is a big question for many interviewers.. this is the time for you to shine and showcase WHY you are the best person for the job. Many folks dont like to talk about their good points. More of the flaws.. I am that person.. I have learned to overcome that little by little. This takes time and practice.

I would recommend thinking and writing down all your accomplishments, skills, recognition and time to show your personality.
Some questions you can ask yourself. - Why do I want this position? How have I prepared for this position? What skills/abilities do i have that is going to set me apart from any other candidate? And what can you do for THEM? What are you bringing to the table of this position that is different than anyone else?

Hope this helps. Good luck

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Ritu’s Answer

The first question that you would get on any interview is "Tell me about yourself?".
Please make a draft and put your best version of yourself in that. You need to practice and talk confidently on this.
This creates a positive impression and vibe for the rest of the interview.
Good Luck!

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Serena’s Answer

Hi Ritvik,

You can try to follow below guideline to come up with a quick introduction on the basics of yourself:
1) introduce your name, education background, internship experience

2) highlight a key achievement that demonstrate your technical strength,
for example, if you are skilled at financial modelling,
mention a project that you worked at in school/ internship.
Describe your thought and work progress - interviewers love to learn about a candidate's problem solving skills
Highlight the outcome and the impact of your work

3) Share a story that demonstrates your soft skills,
for example, if you want to show that you have great leadership skills,
tell a story on how you successfully lead a team before.
Remember it is important to structure what problem your team faced, how you actively contributed to steer the process,
and conclude with the final outcome.

If your "describe yourself" answer managed to impress the interviewer,
you have a higher chance to continue impressing them with your strengths and showcase your talent.

Good luck!