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What kind of job tasks do you have in this career?

Doing the paperwork until you are caught up and make sure every paperwork is organized into separate folders. #careers #job #career-choice

Douglas, which career are you specifically asking about? Gurpreet Lally

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3 answers

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Komal (Kay)’s Answer

If you have an organizing bone and like doing that with paperwork you can do something similar for digital content and explore Content or Document Management where you can label documents and content to make then easy to find or sort through.

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Kei’s Answer

Hi Douglas.

If you are interested in paperwork, the best route to take is administrative or audit. I have friends working as admins and their main tasks is to file, organize and review documents passed on to them by their peers, managers and department.

There are also what we call back office work where most of the tasks revolve around reviewing reports, encoding, filing and organizing file for an organization.

Hope that helps! :)

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Simeon’s Answer

I am an IT auditor and my work is done primarily in spreadsheets and are organized into groupings based on the type of risk we are reviewing. I look at evidence that has been submitted by the client and look over it to confirm that the business has successfully prevented risks related to their computers and software that support the audit.