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Douglas Apr 06, 2021 580 views

What kind of job tasks do you have in this career?

Doing the paperwork until you are caught up and make sure every paperwork is organized into separate folders. #careers #job #career-choice

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Alondra Apr 09, 2021 1649 views

I am not sure if I major in psychology or in social work or something else entirely?

I want to help children that are in foster care and/or coming from bad homes. #children #social-work #therapist

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Apr 09, 2021 964 views

How do you find what you want to major in college?

I am a current senior and planning on attending college at UCSC and am registered as undeclared. #College

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Apr 08, 2021 615 views

How difficult would it be to succeed in Pediatrics?

I am an 8th grader and I have always aspired to be in the medical field. The past few years I have been trying to narrow down exactly *what* kind of career I would like to pursue in said field, and I picked pediatrics, since I enjoy working with children. I have recently gotten accepted into a...

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Apr 05, 2021 584 views

Should I work in a hospital in high school to see what it is like?

#nursing #hospital #highschool

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Allison Apr 05, 2021 494 views

Do you guys suggest a school that would be good for this job?

#speechtherapist and #teacher

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trent Apr 05, 2021 449 views

How long is the education?


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Flint Mar 24, 2021 1098 views

How do I get in contact with more professionals?

I am in college for imaging science and film and I want to learn how to make more contacts in the field. #film-production #experienced #technology #film

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Connor Jan 17, 2018 760 views

How should I incorporate relaxing into my life?

At least from my experience, most people can get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Especially as one gets towards the end of high school, the list of things to do begins to pile up and sometimes I’m not really sure what to do when I actually have time to relax and...

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Szatana May 16, 2016 903 views

Is it hard finding time for family and your own time when being a doctor?

One of my career choices is to be a doctor, specifically a neurosurgeon or neurologist. #doctor #pre-med #neurology #neurosurgeon

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jesse May 03, 2019 632 views

How can i get good grades

#igniting Possibles

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Michael Sep 20, 2018 821 views

What do you need to have to become a special needs teacher?

#teaching #education

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Sean Jan 17, 2018 1101 views

How old were you when you got your first stable job?

Im still a student but will enter the real world soon. What was it like for you to transition from school to work? What were the hardest things to get used to? What are the best parts of starting work? What advice would you give your past self if you could? #real-world #first-job #jobs...

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Uniququa Aug 24, 2018 816 views

How do get sociable on Campus?

Getting the President and student government to know w. #student #student-development

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Joey Oct 04, 2019 1166 views

If you could go back in time what would you change about your career path?

I am a senior at Brennan High School Interested in going into the business field. #business #entrepreneur #business-management #marketing...