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the day before yesterday I give interviews for a reputed Company of Canada really I am embarrassed my interviews not happen to good but I am sure 50/50 depend on reply them. that' why I felt soo disappointed with my interview.please let me know do what I did not eat anything last one day because this opportunity I need too much. I am jobless last few months I am looking for a job but I want to do a home-based job I don't have money for survives. I want to live right now because I m only 33 years young. please, someone, suggest me .

Hi Waqas, Could you please clarify your question? Are you looking for tips on how to interview? The more details you provide, the better professionals can help you Gurpreet Lally, Team

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4 answers

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Jason’s Answer

Hi Waqas,

Interviewing can be challenging and some very talented and otherwise qualified people perform horribly in interviews. Conversely, some horrible employees interview very well. I would suggest reaching out to the HR coordinator who set up the interview or, if that is not applicable, to the hiring manager to discuss your concerns. I have seen this work out for some applicants in the past.

Where I work, a job candidate did terrible in the panel interview, but one of the hiring managers set up a one on one call after and found that this was a great candidate who simply had a hard time navigating the interview environment. He was hired in spite of his bad interview and has been a fantastic addition to the company since. Obviously there is only so much you can do, but don't give up on yourself, I am sure you have a lot to offer.

Lastly, if your situation is dire, I would suggest reaching out to the social services or labor department in your area to see what your options are. If you are in Canada (not sure) you can find these resources via the following web address:

Best Wishes!

thank you very much for suggestion Jason but i m not in canada i live in UAE Waqas A.

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Alvina’s Answer

Job interviews are nerve wracking. Before the interview, always read about the job that you're applying for. Know the skills that the company is looking for and when you give examples to the interviewers, align your answers based on those qualifications. Read about the company especially in the news. There are instances that they will ask you about what you've heard about the company. I Look up practice questions in internet and if you can, practice with a friend or in front of the mirror so you can observe how you project yourself.

During the interview, stay calm. Show confidence and positive energy. If you get stuck, ask for a moment to compose yourself.

I hope this helps!
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Phoebe’s Answer

I am sorry the interview didn't go as you hoped. Many are waiting for the pandemic to pass before looking but this can actually be a great time to look as companies are restructuring and they have time to interview.

I would look for jobs where both you and your future employer can benefit. Everyone has something they can bring so think carefully about what you are good at, where you can create added value. Consider looking for jobs in that area.

Do your research and remember you are interviewing for a job and you are also evaluating the potential employer. Always go with a few questions and share with them what you can do which will benefit the business where you want to work. Help them understand why you are a better candidate than others for this job.

Try to always leave the conversation or interview with a way to contact them in case they don't contact you. For example, if they say they will contact you next week, say: If I don't hear from you next week, can I reach out to you the following week? The reason for this is they are often looking for someone because they are understaffed so by helping to move things along, you are making their job easier. I used to worry about bothering someone but in reality, it can be helpful to have a potential candidate offer to call back.

Be sure to proofread your writing and have someone else look at it so you are sure there are no mistakes. All the best!
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Manisha’s Answer

Interviews can be nerve-wrecking so you need to keep yourself calm which is the most important thing. Keep a positive frame of mind and go for the interviews a bit more prepared if you feel nervous. Read about the company's mission statement and values on the company website, linkedIn and any other source that you find online. Go in the interview thinking of a two-way conversation instead of a formal job interview which I know scares everyone.
One thing that helped me in my interviews is to strike a normal conversation in the beginning of the interview (which could be talking about a simple thing like weather) which calmed my nerves and helped me ace the interview.
Remember go with a positive state of mind and it will work out.
Good Luck!