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How will this help me in my future?

I am artistic and creative. #creative

You might want to specify what 'this' refers to. Eric Chow

Hi Eric, I think the student is referring to being artistic and creative. Alexandra Carpenter

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2 answers

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Peregrin’s Answer

There are many careers that can come from artistic and creative capabilities. Actual careers involving art or creative can be anything from an actual artist (much harder and maybe less practical) to Graphic Designer (employed in almost every consulting and large company). Additionally, creativity can be a great asset to bring into other types of work, where team collaboration is involved. Design Thinking approaches like to have many inputs as they expand options to be considered, the more outside the box (aka creative) the better. I would recommend thinking about what creative means to you, is it only artistically creative? From there, you can hone what you might want to try or ask more questions about.

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Michael’s Answer

Hi Diana,

Artistic and creative skills are very useful traits. Creativity may lead you to thinking in ways that are innovative and truly unique. Many great inventions are the product of creative thinkers that found a new way to complete a task or solve a problem. Once you decide on where you want your future to go, you will notice that your artistic skills and creativity will be very useful to you both personally and professionally.