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How important are the SAT scores that are being sent to the colleges I plan on applying to?

Asked Kearny, New Jersey

I do know that they are important. I am taking the SAT early next year and I just want to know how colleges will seem them as. There are so many parts to a college application that I do not know how they will take the SAT score I receive. #college #college-admissions #testing #sat

4 answers

Matthew’s Answer

Updated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Gloria, it's a good question to ask here regarding your SAT scores. They certainly play a primary factor within the college admissions department's decision to accept or deny you. However, they won't be the "be all" and "end all" of your chance for admission. Most colleges will examine your entire application and make their decision after reviewing your transcript (the courses you took, the grades you earned), your test scores, any personal essays you submitted, and any other information necessary to make a decision. The higher your score, the greater your chances of getting accepted. If your scores don't necessarily reflect how hard you worked and how smart you are, then other components of your application will become more important. Do the best you can when you take the SAT or the ACT, and remember that one test doesn't define who you are or how smart you are.

Good luck!

Valentin’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Hi Gloria,

SAT scores are important because the exam tells colleges a lot about how ready you are to be successful in college. A standardized test provides a very easy comparison across students who came from high schools across cities and states. An "A" student in a less rigorous school might not be as ready to be a good college student as a "B" student in an excellent high school. SAT allow admissions officers to accurately compare across students.

This said, more and more schools try to put more weight on other factors - AP classes and other academic related activities (clubs, competitions, volunteering) that can provide a full academic picture of a student.

After this academic profile is compiled, things like essays and personal circumstances are used to provide a holistic picture. For example, colleges tend to be more forgiving about academic performance for athletes, because they have shown discipline and hard work at a very high level and give the college certainty that they can persevere through difficulties when they get challenged with all the hard academic work in college.

Bottomline, study as hard for the SAT and get as high of a SAT score as you can. It will help you for the rest of your life to get in the best college you can.

Deidre Mercedes’s Answer

Updated Lithonia, Georgia

SAT scores are very important for admissions to college and I recommend you prepare and take the exam however your scores are not the only thing colleges will look at so I suggest you also consider other areas such as Advanced Placement classes and extra-curricular activities. Below is a link to a site that will give you some information regarding your question:


Jason’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

Very important. Highly recommended taking Pre SAT and getting study guides to help prepare.