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How much will I get paid ?

I like being around kids an I like doing hair on my free time entrepreneurship

Hi Ceaira! I'm not sure Professionals will know what you are asking here. What career are you asking about? Your pay will vary based on what job you have Alexandra C., Team

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3 answers

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Valerie’s Answer

Hi Ceaira,
If you are looking for job advice, there are lots of jobs that involve being around children. School teachers, preschool teachers, and many others. You could also be a hair stylist and you would have children come in all the time. I would try to nanny/babysit right now to make some money. Parents normally pay 10-20$ an hour depending on your experience, how many kids you will watching, and if they expect you to do any chores (fold laundry, make the child food). This is a great way to make sure you like to care for children and allows you make money as well.
Hope this helps!
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Joyce’s Answer

Between k4000 and k500
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Geoffrey’s Answer

How about you open your own business that focuses on haircuts for children?