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How do you publish a book ?

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4 answers

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Rebecca’s Answer

Do you really want a physical book nowadays? In fact, you can publish your writings online. It is easier to attract more bigger reader base and free. When you establish certain reader base, some publisher may approach you to publish a physical book.
On the other hand, you can also send your writing to some publishers. They may be able to publish a book for you. You may need to pay them to print the books with minimum quantity and you may also need to manage the distribution of the book.
I would recommend you to start writing and post it online first.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!
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John’s Answer

Checkout this website.

Many directions on the internet.
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Barry’s Answer

This is a question that is both easy and hard to answer. Let me explain:
Anyone can publish a book these days by themselves. It's called self-publishing. While there are several ways you can do this, probably the easiest way is through Kindle Direct Publishing, a service of Amazon. This service leads you through a step-by-step process, gives you guidance and tools, and allows you to publish an eBook on Amazon without upfront costs. Instead, Amazon takes a portion of every book sale. You can also use this same service to publish a printed book, but there are likely to be costs involved if you want to format the book correctly and if you want a well-designed cover. Publishing a book involves several steps, including outlining, writing, editing, designing, producing and marketing.

There are several questions you should think about before you ask the question, "How do you publish a book?" For example:
1. Do you want to publish a book for yourself, your family or your friends -- or do you want to publish a book that you want someone to buy?
If you want to publish a book that someone would buy...
2. Who is the audience for your book?
3. Is your book fiction or non-fiction? (Non-fiction books typically require a book proposal to be submitted first.)
4. Have you written anything before? (Writing a book is challenging if you don't have writing experience.)
5. Do you have an outline for your book?
6. How will you reach your target audience and market the book?
7. Will you self-publish your book or try to get a publisher to publish it? There are pros and cons to both approaches.
8. Will you have an agent represent you? This will probably be necessary to submit your book to most publishers.

There are many sources available that can guide you in the right direction. Do a search on book publishing and self-publishing to learn more. Check out if you are interested in Kindle Direct Publishing.
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A’s Answer

In the olden days, you would write it, then send a letter to a publisher summarizing it and providing a sample chapter or two. If they were interested, they would contact you back. Nowadays, I'm sure there is some electronic way to do this, I'm just not currently aware, sorry. However, I have found that for anything I want to know, I go to YouTube and do a search. I'm sure there are videos that teach you this there, if you do a search for "How To Publish a Book." Good luck!

A recommends the following next steps:

Go to YouTube and do a search for "How to publish a book"