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What are the steps in applying to universities in England

international english speaking student stress
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2 answers

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Faez’s Answer

Hi Jennel,

I found this article that might be useful in helping you:

In addition to the general steps to apply, you will also want to choose the right university for you. Whether this includes some or all of the following such as the quality of the program you are interested in, lifestyle, programs for international students, networking and internship opportunities and so on.

Macleans magazine has a section on university ranking that you can check here: Browse through the site to find the programs and universities that seem interesting to you. After that, go directly to the university sites to explore further.

All the best!
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Hyunji’s Answer

Hi Jennel,

I found this article about the steps in applying to the Canadian Universities as an international student:

For a more specific steps in how to apply to the Canadian universities, this article might help:

I hope that helps and wish you the best of luck!