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What are the requirements to become a animator of a big company?

I'm a self taught artist who has been animating ever since middle school. Running a business has been n my mind over 4 years #performing-arts #artist #art #jobs

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2 answers

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Gabrielle’s Answer

I would suggest visiting the websites of a few animation companies that you have some interest in. Most companies list their core values and the type of work environment the facilitate. Usually job requirements are able to be found on a companies website as well.

I believe most large scale companies would prefer a degree or certificate in a relates field, but that may not always be the case. I am no expert in this field, so I recommend reaching out to your university or perhaps an animation group to pick their brain on the subject.

I would also focus on building up your portfolio! Making sure you showcase your abilities in an appealing way can set you aside from other candidates. Creating a social media presence for your work is another great way to showcase your work and get some exposure! Networking is extremely useful for any career path, you never know what opportunities you can find simply by putting yourself out there and networking with other who are following the same animation pursuits as you.

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Eoin’s Answer

Hey Xochitl,

While it is great you are aiming for the biggest companies and I admire your ambition my advice is do not limit yourself to only the biggest!

I would advise you to create a social media account if you haven't already where you share all your content, great for new people to see your talent and potentially you may meet new people in the same area.

Create a linkedIn account and follow any animators you can find such as big companies and individuals.

Reach out to people working for the companies you like and ask them how they got to where they are now and for any advice regarding the animation industry.

And remember Pixar and Disney, weren't built overnight!

Best of luck :)