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what do you do in information technology

I like technology engineers

One thing to add on to everyone else.....Telecommunications and Cybersecurity are also a big part of Information Technology. Good luck in your adventure into our wonderful word. M Schwartz

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6 answers

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Lisa’s Answer

Information Technology (IT) covers a really broad area, so there are lots of facets a person could dive into. I am a senior project manager for the IT Department for my company's US operations. I manage the acquisition and implementation of a variety of offerings from hardware, to software, to firewalls and servers. A typical implementation for me would look like making sure that I have the right resources collected to accomplish the project, laying out a project plan, tracking progress to that project plan, and reporting the status to leadership. Other areas in IT that you may want to consider are cloud based platforms, audio and video conferencing, IT helpdesk, MRP (material resource planning), EDI (electronic data interface), and performance management software to name a small handful.

Thank you Ms. Poulos for the information. I see it's a variety of directions I could take in Information Technology. Brandon F.

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Terry’s Answer

Hey Brandon,

I'm a recently retired Deputy Chief Information Officer. These are all great answers to your question. IT does have a wide range of needed skill sets. All IT departments are broken down by skillsets and experience. I would start with a basic understanding on how a computer operates and then move into your desired interest in IT. Beginning with the Help Desk, there you would get a great understanding on the operations side of the business and platforms, technology and software being used.

I could go on and on about this subject, but you should look into get a basic understanding and concept of the one this all of IT has in common which is the PC

Good Luck

Thank you for your answer Mr. Diggs. It was very informative and gave me some things to think about. Brandon F.

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Christopher’s Answer

I would agree with Lisa's response! I also want to point out that there are other careers in the IT field that some may not know exist, or know that they could relate. For example, I currently work within my company's Risk Management group. I work closely with our Global Network & Technology team to understand what tools they use for specific processes. One of my current projects involves understanding how some of our teams bring outside vendors in to work on parts of our network, and what tools they use to manage the projects that those vendors are working on. I get to see and learn a lot of cool technology-related things come through, all while learning how the business operates and manages the need and spend ($$) for those projects. This includes networking equipment, facilities management (like actual brick and mortar buildings), HVAC requirements, power requirements, and the like.

If you're interested in learning about IT within an organization from a broader sense, Risk Management roles offer a nice view into the backend operations of those organizations, and if you find something you're interested in by doing a Risk Management role, it may be easier to reach out to the individuals you have met during one of those engagements, and steer into a role on that team. Just something to think about!

Thank you Mr. Brown, I will definitely reach out to some of them. Brandon F.

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Kacy’s Answer

Hi Brandon,

I have been fortune enough to work in different areas of Information Technology. I started my career as a technician repairing and maintaining network equipment. I did that for 15 years and eventually changed careers to became any IT Auditor where I audited systems and software to ensure they worked properly. Afterwards, I started became a cybersecurity auditor and audited systems and software. Currently, I work in Risk Management which is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling threats to an organization's capital and technology systems. So I have had an interesting career. So that's what I do.

Thank you so much for your input Brandon F.

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Doan’s Answer

This is a broad field. These areas are considered IT careers:
* Technical support for hi-tech companies
* Supporting networking equipment and software
* Managing a company's computers
* Designing and building software
* Managing information through reports and dasbhoards for business decisions making
* Creating Artificial Intelligence capabilities to do predictions

Thank you so much. Wow, that's a nice variety of areas to look into Brandon F.

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Rebecca’s Answer

Hi, there are many different careers in IT like software development, computer engineering, information audit, application support, system administration, etc. Each of the aforementioned aspects can be further divided into sub categories. For example, Software development - there is web development, apps development, ERP development, etc.
You can explore more online on different aspect of Information Technology to determine which area you are interested on. Usually, it will touch on many different subjects in the undergraduate course. It can help you to understand what the contect of different aspect and you can then focus on the subjects you are most interested on.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!

Thank you Ms. Tang. This really give me some more things to think about Brandon F.