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leslie’s Avatar
leslie Apr 30, 2021 2831 views

what is the diffrence between a associates degree and a bachelors degree?

I really want to be a nurse but dont really know what classes to take or how many years is better #career

Kenth’s Avatar
Kenth Mar 10, 2021 699 views

What are the things I can do to get my art recognized?

I started drawing art digitally and posting it on Social Media and stuff, and the recognition I get is still nothing, Is there a way to gain recognition or am I just too impatient?

#arts #social-media #art #digitaldrawing

Jay’s Avatar
Jay Apr 30, 2021 463 views

I'm a black South African and I wanna be a k-pop star and I don't know how or where to start?


Riley’s Avatar
Riley Apr 29, 2021 770 views

What are the job opportunities for a person with a Sport Management degree?

Sport Management Student at the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor #student #sports #sports-management #kinesiology

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Apr 29, 2021 522 views

what do you do in information technology

I like technology #engineers

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Apr 29, 2021 742 views

How do I get a job with out experience?

I am currently searching for a job. To get prepared for when I get my bachelors degree what should I do? #job-search #job #career

Scream’s Avatar
Scream Apr 23, 2021 606 views

Should i resign from my fulltime at local company (where i just work for 6 months) to pursue an internship at multinational company (which im not sure that i'll be offered a fulltime job)

Im a fresh gradute with less than 1 year experience (6 months). I've been searching for a job in multinational company but to get a fulltime job is really hard especially during pandemic. So maybe an internship could help me to get one, Should i resign and take the chance of internship ? Im...

Alissa’s Avatar
Alissa Apr 23, 2021 575 views

How do I figure out what major to choose?

What jobs are available in the field of neuroscience or cognitive science? How different are they actually from each other? How does physiological psychology fit differ as well? #neuroscience #neurology #college #study

Connie’s Avatar
Connie Apr 24, 2021 611 views

What would you advise a Senior who is going to college this year?

Hi! I am a senior high school right now, and I will be going to college in this Fall. Please give me some advices. Thank you so much! #college

Piyush’s Avatar
Piyush Apr 20, 2021 463 views

what to do after stream is commerce

i like to is their any career opportunities to help me to travel #career #career-counseling #traveling

Ellie’s Avatar
Ellie Apr 21, 2021 901 views

Careers in biology other than being a physician?

Hi! I'm a junior in high school and I'm extremely passionate about biology and science in general. I've done a few research projects in various medical labs and think that health and medicine is a field I would like to pursue, but the idea of being a surgeon or physician of any kind does not...

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Apr 05, 2021 4736 views

What inspired you to become and engineer or another STEM related career?

#engineering #stem #material-engineering #stemcareers #electrical-engineering #chemical-engineering

Sergio’s Avatar
Sergio Oct 25, 2019 503 views

What is the best way to make my hand steady so I can be a good welder? I don't have access to a metal shop every day

#welder #welding #technology #tech

Hossam’s Avatar
Hossam Apr 20, 2021 728 views

How to have a work life balance?

I am a partner working in same career for the past 19 years in Kuwait. so i am already exhausted.
I am looking forward to change my work style and have a life balance. #work

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Apr 20, 2021 719 views

With homework is it a good idea to do it right away or to give myself some relaxation time?

I have been wondering if I should do my homework right away or to give myself a few hours to wind down from the school day. #school #homework