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What are the things I can do to get my art recognized?

I started drawing art digitally and posting it on Social Media and stuff, and the recognition I get is still nothing, Is there a way to gain recognition or am I just too impatient?

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6 answers

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Erin’s Answer

The way to get your art recognized is to get it in front of people and to continually improve. A lot of artists nowadays are recognized for things like fanart, which many people search for, and then those people look deeper and find they enjoy the artist's original works as well.

Build your community, tag your pieces appropriately, and collaborate with other artists. Make art you are passionate about.

Erin recommends the following next steps:

Join groups of other artists who do what you do. Find where they are online and be a contributing, positive force who is open to constructive criticism.
If you don't already, try making some fanart.
Learn something new every day, even if it's a quick tutorial on applying color theory to your work.
Remember, this all takes time. The best stamp of a good digital artist is a solid portfolio and consistent pieces. Keep working at this and you'll be there before you know it.
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Doan’s Answer

If you are into digital art, one way of getting exposure is to put them on the blockchain as a non-fungible asset. This is really big now and a lot of artist are doing it.

Here is more info on NFTs:

You will have to learn some technology but here are some examples of digital art being put up for sale

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas that maybe did not know about before! :-)

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Charles’s Answer

it depends on what type of artist you are . the question you asked is broud its why mist people dont
pursue a career in art.
it also depends on how good your art work is . if you are an artist
how do you know you cam make a living doing art work . if its a hobby
and you want to be recognized
enter art contest..
if you want to be an artist as a job
make a portfolio with your work
and self publish it .
on the cover of your book
which is self publish by you
write the art of your name
.if it dosent sell a singel copy
you will be recognized .
it will not cost you a penny
use self publish amozon
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Serena’s Answer

Hi Kenth,
Being recognized is a very broad term.
Are you looking to get famous via your art?
Are you referring to the number of follows/ likes on your social media?
Are you hoping to get discovered be invited to host exhibition internationally?
Or are you looking to make living by seeking audience to purchase your art from social media?
Define your objective in getting your art "recognized",
then deduce a way to achieve your goals.
An unclear objective will only hinder your development process and add to your frustration.
Once you figure out your goals and definition of being recognized,
consistency is the key to success, especially as an artist,
for instance if you objective is to get famous via your art,
you need to post consistently on your social media to bring a loyal following -
this process can take years but no matter how small each step seems to be,
you need to keep going to achieve your goal.
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Simeon’s Answer

Some artists are able to get samples of their work put up in coffee shops or get entered into competitions. You could also ask other businesses if they want a piece of your work for free if they'll put it somewhere where it'll be seen.
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Ellen’s Answer

Hi Kenth

You post an interesting question. As an older artist, I come from the traditional art world, where artists gain recognition from exhibiting and selling their artwork. They exhibit and sell their work in galleries or other businesses, and these galleries and businesses may publicize the artwork, which adds to recognition. Also, art critics and writers from the print media may further publicize and review the artwork displayed in the public. But, it is important to understand that this artwork is something that can be handled, and put on a wall, not a digital file, and it can be bought and sold.

When you start talking about digital art, things are a little different. The issue that I wonder about is, are you printing your artwork and framing it so that it could be hung on a wall, or are you keeping it in a digital format? In today's times, it really is best to have both a physical platform and a digital platform----one can enhance the other.

If you are printing out your artwork and framing it, you need to find somewhere to exhibit it. In my area, we have community galleries that show new and young artist's works, and this is often a great first step to getting artwork in front of people. There are also businesses that do the same, such as restaurants, coffee houses, even retail stores. We also have art and craft fairs, where you have a booth for a few days, and that is a great way to show your work and to connect with people.

If you are keeping your artwork as a digital file and putting it on social media, you really need to find the right social media platform. There are online galleries now, and you could easily exhibit on those, but remember, if your work sells, you will need to be able to produce a physical version of it to send to the buyer. I'm sure you are on it already, but Instagram is a great platform for showing your artwork, and for seeing other artists' work. Be sure to maximize the hashtags; this will get you a broader audience. I'm also told that on Facebook there are different groups, and I'm sure you could find one for digital artworks, or for young artists, and so on. To sell your artwork, Etsy is a great place to create your own online gallery, your Etsy shop, and if someone sees something you like, you could refer them to your Etsy shop, and they could make a purchase, or just see more of your work..

Please be aware that you will need lots of patience to be recognized, however you want to present your artwork. Sometimes it just takes being in the right place at the right time, or being on the right digital platform at the right time. There are tons of very talented artists out there, and you'll need to work hard to make your artwork standout. If you are still in school, talk to your art teachers and get suggestions on how to improve your artwork; they may also have ideas of where and how to exhibit your work in your community. I hope you have posed this question to your art teachers too!

Also, please keep in mind the reality that many talented and productive artists never receive widespread recognition, but they still keep on creating artworks, because they are artists and that is what they love to do. So wether you become recognized or not, I hope you find joy in making your art. Best wishes! I hope this helps.
message me i can send you some helpful links Charles kneeling