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What is the best way to make my hand steady so I can be a good welder? I don't have access to a metal shop every day

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3 answers

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Doan’s Answer

Yoga and core exercises are great, as mentioned previously.

Additionally, consider not taking in caffeine that may make you jittery.

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Somil’s Answer

Although I have never tried my hands at welding but I have some experience which required similar skill namely photography using long telephoto lens and using dremel to carve intricate designs in wood.
The first and foremost requirement is to have enough strength to hold the tool for extended period of time. Start by building your hand, shoulder and specially core strength. Core strength is very important to have steady hands. It will prove to be beneficial.
The second thing is to have control on your breathing, to be able to hold your breath for long time is a very under-appreciated skill. You can try various breathing exercises. Yoga can also help you here.
Third comes the technique. In photography, we try to hold the camera and closer to the body, use your body as support, stand in a comfortable position with equal weight distribution. See if any of these techniques apply to you.

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Nilay’s Answer

Try doing some focus building exercise. Like looking and focus on one thing continuously.
Apart from that Somil's suggestion will help a lot too.